About Us

We take care of our clients

“CuroGens” is equal to “caring for people”, and our mission is to help you. Giving you the fruits and ROI that for more than 25 years, for our clients and allies, our talent in SaaS, Big Data, AI and IT has achieved.

Hand in hand with a shared DNA with Microsoft technologies, since its 1.0 versions, deep knowledge of the labyrinths of Digital Transformation, the roll-out challenges of large companies and our founding values in the development of innovative, globalized technologies and sustainable, we project ourselves in the design and construction of your digital future beyond challenges and borders.

It doesn’t matter what problem you’re facing. Our passion is to help you overcome them with motivation, intelligence and expertise

As a Global Partner of Microsoft Consulting Services, with certifications in all Microsoft Business Solutions and validated by IBM Global, our more than 100 global migration projects carried out are testimony to this.

A Partner from the beginning

The start of CuroGens, led by Jesper Kehlet, its CEO, is deeply linked to the origins of Microsoft Dynamics 365, as part of Research and Development (R&D) and the “Digital Transformation” campaign of the team that created, more than 25 years ago, Axapta, the 1st version of what is now Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It is in our DNA, from which comes the passion for Business Intelligence (BI), complex technologies, innovation and free and open trade, in the globalized world.

Leadership Team

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Founder & CEO
Jesper’s passion for Microsoft Dynamics, combined with 25+ years of consulting, sales and business development experience, has been instrumental in providing CuroGens’ clients with best-in-class solutions, services and support. Jesper has a broad management foundation and longstanding experience with B2B sectors in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Australia. He studied economics, investment and asset management, environmental management and business strategy at Copenhagen Business School.


Mike provides financial and operational leadership across CuroGens, working closely with Jesper to safeguard the company’s foundational principles and ensure the success of clients and employees. He has more than 25 years of experience in various business models and industries. Mike is known for leading strong, diverse teams to support business strategies and objectives by focusing on continuous process improvement.


Global Director of HR
Lisa directs CuroGens’ global human resource strategy to support the business needs of the organisation and its employees, while nurturing the unique company culture that she has helped to build during the past decade. With 25 years of management experience, Lisa has honed the ability to use her acute perceptive nature and trusted relationship building skills to mentor employees and develop the most effective teams. She focuses on strengthening organisations through effective communication and strategic vision.

The story of a Microsoft Catalyst

In 1997 Axapta is created, ERP software whose project Jesper Kehlet is part of in R&D and Digital Transformation, from the Damgaard team. In 2002, Axapta is acquired by Microsoft, becoming version 1.0 of Microsoft Dynamics AX. For 10 years, Kehlet forges a career dedicated to innovation in technologies for business solutions, with a background in international strategies, politics and organization, to create companies with positive impacts on the economy and the environment. In 2012, CuroGens was founded, with the idea of ​​catalysing, through experience and in-depth knowledge of ERP, the growth of companies to improve the value of their products and services, as well as their resources and processes, thanks to new models of corporate efficiency through SaaS. Today, CuroGens continues its mission to innovate and help bring digital and economic prosperity to businesses and the smart use of resources to shape a better, wealthier world.