ADM : Advanced Document Management

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The ultimate solution for document management organization in D365FO

Efficiently organize and access documents with ADM for Microsoft Dynamics 365

ADM provides a structured and easy to understand way to organize documents, including certificates, purchase confirmations and product specifications, in a repository for document management within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Whether you need to attach the supplier certificate, purchase confirmation or a product feature sheet, ADM allows you to organize the document management repository in a structured way, with folders and subfolders provided for easy access and search by metadata.

ADM also has support for external Blob storage, apart from SharePoint, allowing to reduce the internal Dynamics 365 database and therefore minimize costs. With ADM, it is now possible to host Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents in a single repository without the need to access it to retrieve them, saving costs and time.

The folder structure can be defined according to the documents or in a free form, allowing documents to be accessed from outside MS Dynamics 365. Without any difficulty allowing centralized storage while structuring and controlling access to information.

With ADM, the search for documents is improved since it is possible to define and associate dynamic metadata to the documents, allowing a much faster search if we use, for example, Sharepoint as a document management repository.

ADM now minimizes costs and time, since we no longer need two repositories, with only one we can host Dynamics 365 documents without the need to access it to retrieve them.

We can also facilitate the organization of security, because from Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents can be generated with centralized credentials and controlled by MS Dynamics itself, avoiding the need to grant access, control and maintenance to each and every user. This means that ADM separates the security and access of MS Dynamics 365 users and those who have access to the documentation repository.