AEM : Advanced Emailing Management

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Elegant and personalised delivery of common documents using predefined and customised templates

Email personalisation with AEM for Microsoft Dynamics 365

AEM, when generating the e-mail to send the report, will apply the predefined template in the print management, which will give a body to the e-mail.

AEM is the solution that provides the possibility of applying customised templates, as well as the subject, for sending e-mails in the most common documents such as:

  • Invoice of services
  • Collection letter note
  • Sales invoice
  • Sales order confirmation
  • Sales delivery note
  • Sales quotation confirmation
  • Project quotation
  • Purchase order
  • Picking list
  • Project invoice

A necessary functionality to offer a unified corporate image.

With AEM we can send documents by email in an elegant, personalised and appropriate to each process and document in Dynamics 365.

AEM applies predefined templates in print management to generate emails with attached reports. However, it is important to clarify that this functionality is performed in print management, not in document management.

In addition, another advantage of AEM is that it allows you to include markers to add relevant information from the associated document, such as the sales order number or the customer’s name. This helps to further personalise e-mails and provide an image in line with the document and corporate unit.

With AEM, the possibility of sending documents by e-mail in an elegant and personalised way becomes a reality for specific processes and documents, such as service invoices, collection notes, sales order confirmations, sales delivery notes, project budgets, purchase orders, among others.