An Ounce of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- Benjamin Franklin When a problem arises, you can use what is available, or you can rethink the solution. Recently, CuroGens accomplished both. Sometimes we must “zoom out” from a situation to find the cause of a problem. Were we really solving the problem or were […]

A Path Forward: From CuroGens

We are here to help… it sounds almost commonplace in this time of uncertainty. It is, however, a true and sincere statement from us to you. CuroGens is here to help. In fact, our name says it all: Curo– to care and Gens– Folks, nation, or people. We view ourselves as problem solvers and innovators. […]

Reinvention: It Can Be Difficult and Necessary

This has certainly been a trying time for all of us, both professionally and personally. Surviving this level of economic shut down has proven to be difficult for the largest down to the smallest businesses. What can a business do to make it through? Many have seen the reports of layoffs, closings, and furloughs, and […]

Working Remotely- Tips and Tricks for Surviving Working From Home

Here at CuroGens, we are somewhat accustomed to working from home as well as in the office. For so many people right now right now, this is a new concept that may prove challenging to get under control. If there are multiple people in your home trying to work, you already know this presents some […]

Working Remotely: Blessing, Burden or Both?

“I don’t like working from home, when I am home, I want to do home stuff.  The kids are here and they are trying to figure out how all of their online classes are going to go- some are conferencing, some are assigning online resources, others are giving out assignments to be submitted online. It’s […]

Predictability is the Key

With so many unpredictable things that can occur on a daily basis in business, there is one thing that can be counted on day in and day out — a Full-Service Management Agreement (FSMA) with a provider. Day to day IT challenges can undermine productivity, limit innovation and detract resources from business-critical operations. What’s the […]

[In The News]: How to Achieve Work-Life Harmony

Work-life balance can be a challenge in today’s global, high-tech business world, but work-life harmony is attainable. The concept of finding “work-life balance” has a lot in common with the fruitless search for a unicorn or the Loch Ness Monster. Pursuit of this goal has become noticeably more challenging in the past 15 years as […]

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Beginning October 2019, Microsoft will put several notable changes to Dynamics 365 into effect. Among them licensing updates, new fraud protection and restructuring of Finance and Operations. In this blog, we will take a quick look at these changes to ensure you’re informed and can ask your service provider the right questions. Licensing Changes One […]

When Is It Right and When is It Wrong to Invest in Training?

“The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheets: its people and its reputation.” Henry Ford There are a lot of considerations to make when deciding if and when to invest in employee training and development. The biggest question is usually: What will the return of investment be if […]