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Lasernet : How to take document management to the next level

  1. What is Lasernet and what is its function?
  2. How Lasernet benefits your document management
  3. Do you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your company? Pick up the pace with Lasernet
  4. What are you waiting for to boost your business with these tools?

There are many tools and technologies capable of driving all kinds of business processes. Some of these are finance, inventory, human resources and more. But have you ever thought about improving your document management?

Nowadays, physical documentation only generates expenses, headaches and wasted time. For this reason, replacing paper with digital versions is more than necessary.

That’s why we want to show you how you can take your document management to the next level with Formpipe’s Lasernet.

What is Lasernet and what is its function?

In order for you to understand this tool, we will start by answering What is Lasernet? It is an enterprise document management software, and as this term indicates, its mission is to optimize the management and creation of documents in a company.

The intention of this tool is to eliminate the use of physical papers and replace them with an electronic presentation.

Thanks to its customizable templates, users can generate reports, diagrams, charts and graphs easily and simply. Its drag-and-drop function is what allows any of your employees (expert or not) to create and distribute them.

With this in mind, if you want to go to the next level and manage your information properly, Lasernet is the ideal tool.

How Lasernet benefits your document management

You already know what Lasernet is and what its role in business processes is, but it’s time to talk a little more in depth. Here we will show you how the features of this software benefit your document management and increase your productivity.

Create and edit documents with ease

One of the purposes of technological progress is to make life easier,

Lasernet software has an intuitive interface that your employees can quickly master. Its drag-and-drop capability allows users to create, design and update documents quickly and easily.

With this tool, document management has never been easier. Thanks to its extensive functionalities, it turns a tedious and time-consuming job into a quick and easy task.

The best thing is that you can do this while respecting your company’s standards. In this way, Lasernet Formpipe not only gives you a head start, but also successfully adapts to your current processes.

Easily import and export documents

In every company, communication and distribution of information is key to its productivity, and yours is no exception. It is very tedious when paperwork is passed from one person to another and gets misplaced or arrives late to its destination due to poor follow-up.

Fortunately, Lasernet is there to change that situation and increase your work output. Thanks to its management capabilities, not only can you create documentation with ease, but you can also improve the distribution of documentation.

The interface of this software allows you to share reports, invoices and all kinds of documents in multiple formats in an agile and automated way. In addition, to make sure everything is in order, you can track its exact location for better traceability.

But that’s not all, we know that security is important, and Lasernet software has it figured out. It has a security system that determines what permissions each user has.

The solution for an out-of-date ERP system

In such a technological world, those organizations with an outdated ERP can feel out of the game. Added to this is the high cost of maintaining their old system or the cost of switching to a new one.

With these problems, effective document management seems impossible, but this is not true. Lasernet is compatible with any type of ERP or data source, so if this is your case, you don’t have to worry.

Lasernet Formpipe adapts to your current technology to give you better performance, management and control of your documentation. If your system is so old that it does not allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of digital documentation, this software will.

Adaptable to companies of any size

There are business solutions for certain types of organizations. Some are intended for very large companies, others for smaller ones and others for those just starting out.

The advantage offered by Lasernet is that it can be implemented in companies of any size. That’s right, it doesn’t matter if they are new entrepreneurs or organizations with a good position in the market, this tool adapts to all of them.

Thanks to its functionalities and intuitive interface, Lasernet software is recognized as a scalable tool. Therefore, it can become the ideal companion for a business and remain with it over time.

Generates documents in different formats

There are so many types of document formats today that every business must have the technology to process them. Again, Lasernet has solved this problem, since it is compatible with all types of formats.

The powerful tools integrated in this software will allow you to create and distribute documentation in PDF, DOCX, XLSX, XHTML, XML, CSV and EDI formats.

You can even connect to a web service.

So you can generate and edit files in all types of formats to meet both your needs and those of your customers.

Compatible with multiple accounting standards

A business’s effort to comply with accounting standards says a lot about it. It is essential for organizations to comply with legislation wherever they are located if they want to be successful.

Lasernet Formpipe knows this and helps you with your legal compliance, but how does it do it? This software supports various accounting standards such as EuroSox, Basel II, Sarbanes Oxley and more local regulations in XML format.

Do you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your company? Pick up the pace with Lasernet

If you have Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your company, you can speed up the pace of work by integrating Lasernet IPG, as they are fully compatible. Two powerful tools are better than one, which is why the Lasernet D365 combination will take your document management to the next level.

With the analysis and information management provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the intuitive functionalities of Lasernet, it will be easier for your employees to pick up the pace. Some of the benefits of both systems are:

  • Fast and accurate distribution of documents through different channels.
  • Preview option to avoid sending wrong files
  • Real-time file submission tracking (shows when and how files were submitted)
  • Eliminates the need for SSRS programming
    Facilitates document creation, editing and even archiving.

Best of all, Formpipe’s software is available for all versions of Microsoft Dynamics (BC/F&SCM/Sales) (On-Premise, Hybrid and Cloud). There is no doubt that thanks to Lasernet Dynamics 365, your company will get the results you are looking for.

What are you waiting for to boost your business with these tools?

If you’ve made it this far and have found reasons why you should implement these tools, what are we waiting for? It’s time to get down to work. CuroGens’ expert team can help you implement the best ERP solution on the market, and in turn, combine it with the benefits offered by Lasernet.

We know that everything related to technology is a delicate and important process, but thanks to the services we have available for your organization, we are committed to provide you with the best results.

Through our Technical Project Advisor service, our experts in technology, project creation and management will help you every step of the way to make your digital transformation a success.

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Finally, through PMO Consulting (Program Management Outsourcing) your projects will be in reliable hands. Through the best Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools, our experts will be at your side to expand your business successfully.

If you want to learn more about the solutions that CuroGens has to offer, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be attentive to help you solve your challenges.