Evolution and improvement are essential in any business model, and this unique time is no exception. This month, we launched our rebranded website featuring our new logo. This comes as we reflect on our mission and company values, our products and services and our vision for the future.

From the moment of our inception in 2012, CuroGens has focused on B2B software development and ERP solution implementation. Those practices cannot and should not stand alone, and so we have incorporated meaningful changes to our business that reflect the true vision of our President and Chief Vision Officer, Jesper Kehlet, and our employees. We have pledged to make a lasting positive impact on the world and with this, CuroGens is fully committed to creating products that both reduce inequality and advance prosperity.

CuroGens’ goal is to meet or exceed the business needs of our customers in alignment with this deep-seated value. We strive to help our customers learn and understand how to make data relevant and useful. We enable organizations to make informed business-critical decisions and spark growth. We assist other companies in fulfilling their overall vision by integrating good corporate citizenship with ideas that can be implemented.

CuroGens is dedicated to working with companies and individuals that share the desire to make a positive impact on the world and understand the broader implications of their own products and services. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that help these culture-conscious companies thrive and optimize while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint.

We will also continue working on reducing businesses’ carbon footprint through various methods, including suggestions to our clients ways they can better support green initiatives. We are excited to begin working with local groups whose projects reflect this same objective. Overall, we are committed to finding ways to leave this planet in better shape for our children and future generations.

This philosophy to which we have pledged is not just customer focused. We practice what we preach and strive to support our employees putting these ideals into real life action through a work/life balance perspective and policy. Our employees are encouraged to participate charitable activities of their own choosing and use the generous and flexible unlimited PTO policy to pursue their personal goals connected to volunteering and social outreach.

We inherently want to do better, be it with our customers, our employees or within the role of environmental stewardship. We took this time to figure out what we needed to do better, set forth those ideas into action, and we are here to help you do the same.

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