Lasernet : How to take document management to the next level

Solutions ▾ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Dynamics 365 Finance Dynamics 365 HR Dynamics 365 Project Operations Dynamics 365 Shipping Manager Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management CuroGens Dynamics Solutions ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 CuroGens ERP Solutions ERP Automatization/Optimization Power Platform Lasernet: Document Automation CRM ClickDimensions CuroGens CRM Solutions Cloud and Platform Services On-premise and Hybrid Infrastructure Microsoft […]

Webinar: Ready to Save the Planet with Us?

CuroGens CEO, Jesper Kehlet, recently hosted a webinar on green technologies and ways to launch sustainable practices in your business. Today’s businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and do their part in leaving the world a better than they found it. Here at CuroGens, we have taken a good look at […]

CuroGens: Leaving the Planet in Better Shape for the Future

If 2020 taught us anything, it proved to us that self-reflection about action and attitude can go a long way in improving the world around us. Whether it’s our immediate environment or the planet at large, we all play a key role in leaving it a better place than we found it. Our CuroGens team […]

Q&A: Generating Barcodes with Lasernet

ICYMI: We hosted a LIVE Q&A Session on Microsoft Teams about the importance of barcodes for your business. The conversation was led by our Executive Account Manager, Andrea Yovanovich. Andrea discussed how you can utilize Lasernet to create more efficient output management processes as well as how Lasernet can be customized to fit your business […]

Lasernet: Barcodes

Barcodes are HOT! If you have made any purchases in the era of Covid-19, you have seen your fair share of barcodes. They are everywhere. Why are they everywhere? Why is almost every manufacturing, retail, or distribution service using them? How do you know when your package is about to be delivered? Delivery services use […]

Lasernet: Secure, Simple, and Modern

Ready to simplify and streamline your documentation process? Ready to get away from paper packing slips and invoicing, and manual archiving? How about modernizing your documents, updating your system from data input to customer receipts? Maybe you just want to fix some antiquated problems within your organization and easily correct or even avoid data errors. […]

An Ounce of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- Benjamin Franklin When a problem arises, you can use what is available, or you can rethink the solution. Recently, CuroGens accomplished both. Sometimes we must “zoom out” from a situation to find the cause of a problem. Were we really solving the problem or were […]

A Path Forward: From CuroGens

We are here to help… it sounds almost commonplace in this time of uncertainty. It is, however, a true and sincere statement from us to you. CuroGens is here to help. In fact, our name says it all: Curo– to care and Gens– Folks, nation, or people. We view ourselves as problem solvers and innovators. […]