An Ounce of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”- Benjamin Franklin

When a problem arises, you can use what is available, or you can rethink the solution. Recently, CuroGens accomplished both.

Sometimes we must “zoom out” from a situation to find the cause of a problem. Were we really solving the problem or were we just treating the symptoms? This is the question we had to ask ourselves recently, when faced with a reoccurring issue on behalf of one of our customers.

Our solution was the result of using an existing tool differently, rethinking its utilization. By invoking some purposeful, creative and divergent thought processes, we were able to not only solve the current issue but get to the root cause. This exercise will influence how we move forward with customers in the future and become more proactive, versus reactive to customer need. Ultimately the wheel was not reinvented, it was simply used in a new way. The results will have a long-lasting impact for our customers and us. Here’s our story:

The Problem:

We were encountering an ongoing issue with one of our largest customers. There were frustrations on both sides and as much as we tried to solve it, there was never a final fix. Multiple people were involved in solving the problem. At one point, a smaller team decided to install the Life Cycle Services (LCS) tool and run diagnostics. By doing this, a deeper issue was revealed as the root cause that allowed the team to think differently and ultimately come up with a solution that indeed had lasting impact.

A New Approach:

Along with a solution for this particular customer, the understanding that this could be applied to all future upgrades and implementations was also shaped. So many times, customers who are upgrading are anxious to quickly get it done so that business does not slow down. This can lead to unforeseen problems, ultimately taking up more time. Now, however, using the LCS diagnostic tool as part of the upgrade or implementation will empower our team to heed off those issues and be more proactive.

LCS has been improved to the point where it can accomplish a higher level of performance monitoring. Not previously thought of as a preventative measure, LCS now gives us the ability to stay ahead of issues between monitor reporting. Setting a schedule for regular reporting and making it a part of each upgrade gives us a clearer picture, allowing us to better communicate to the customer and add preventative measures to their systems. We discovered an especially useful feature – when a recommendation is made, a link to an article is presented for the developer or functional consultant to review. This allows the team to better understand why the recommendation was made, as well as the impact of the recommendation.

A good example of this was seen in database growth rate. The rate we had previously set was not enough, taking up more time than was necessary due to frequency. This created a bottle neck with how often it was hitting capacity. By increasing the parameters, the growth rate has been increased, but hitting capacity less frequently – ensuring the customer is not slowed down in the process. This was a recommendation made by the LCS performance monitoring. In addition to solving the original reoccurring issue, others were revealed and dealt with before ever becoming a problem for the customer. Prevention.

What We Learned:

Learning is never over and sometimes being reminded that there’s more than one way to address a problem becomes a learning experience even for the most talented and skilled teams. We hope by sharing this short but impactful story, others can flex and reshape as the world is emerging out of crisis in a more effective way. We improved our practices as a company, with a shift in how we were addressing an issue. We may not have changed the world for everyone with this, but we changed the world for our customer and the rippling effects are likely immeasurable.

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