Cases: Your Solution to Customer Service Issues in Microsoft Dynamics 365

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 help to manage a customer’s concern through resolution?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a helpful feature called cases that will make a big difference for your employee and customer experience!  Unlike other customer service issue/ticket trackers that I have utilized in different companies within a customer service capacity, the cases feature is built directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 which eliminates the need for yet another window that consumes valuable desktop space.  The feature allows your representatives to quickly and easily see the status of the case along with key information such as the customer’s contact information and case details, as well as any products associated to the customer’s concern, all at a glance on the home page of the case.  Conveniently located within the case is a space where your representatives can track activities such as phone calls made to the customer to address the issue as well.  Your representatives can even set up task reminders to follow up with the customer directly from the case.

How could Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cases help my employees in addressing the customer’s concern?

Your customer service representatives will have the ability to use a search function embedded into the case itself where they can find knowledge-based articles.  When first opening the articles section of the case, articles are automatically populated that are associated with the case title. This built-in feature will help your representatives resolve cases faster and avoid escalations.  Once your representative finds a helpful article, they can email the article to the customer directly from the case!  Extra Bonus:  With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your company can utilize the email engagement feature to schedule the delivery of the email and set reminders to follow up.  In addition, your representatives can use the relationship insights to detect if the customer has opened the email and if they have clicked any of the links inside of the email.  By utilizing these Relationship Insights, your customer service representative will be able to proactively reach out to the customer once they’ve reviewed the information, making it an easy and convenient experience.

How can I ensure my customers are getting the same information across customer service departments?

One of my favorite reasons to use cases in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it provides a unified platform for representatives to see the same information on the case regardless of which customer service department is reviewing it.  The cases feature eliminates the confusion between departments and helps provide a consistent experience.

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 help my company care for customers who want self-service options?

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, customers’ self-service needs are cared for through a self-service portal which includes access to searching for articles, browsing forums, as well as entering their own cases.  Your customers will be empowered to pursue resolution of their concerns by searching for articles related to the topic with which they need help. They can also browse the forums to identify whether other customers have experienced similar issues and learn from those threads.  When all else fails and they are unable to resolve the issue, your customers can create their own case directly from the self-service site, creating a convenient environment that will breed loyalty.  As a customer open a new case, the portal will locate and suggest other articles that might be helpful in resolving their concern based on the title of the issue they enter.  Your customers can even go back into the self-service portal and see the status of their case(s) at any time.

Can I gather feedback from my customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cases? 

You can!  To complete the customer service experience circle, the cases section of Microsoft Dynamics 365 even includes the ability to send your customers a customer satisfaction survey.  Once the case is resolved, your representative can ask the customer if they would be willing to complete a customer satisfaction survey and, with their permission, the representative can send the survey directly from the case itself.