CuroGens: Leaving the Planet in Better Shape for the Future

If 2020 taught us anything, it proved to us that self-reflection about action and attitude can go a long way in improving the world around us. Whether it’s our immediate environment or the planet at large, we all play a key role in leaving it a better place than we found it.

Our CuroGens team took the time in 2020 looking inward as a company, and as individual members of our organization. We began to take inventory of what our contribution was going to be in making the world a better place. We have many team members that have their individual pet projects, and a workplace philosophy that encourages pursuing those projects to fulfill personal desires in making a difference. But as a company, it was time to take a collective look at what we can do to move the needle in the right direction.

IT and the Environment
In the last several years, there has been much discussion on how the digital age affects the physical planet. As with most things, there are pros and cons. We believe there is still more good than bad when it comes to technology making contributions to the environment.

We acknowledge there is still work to be done in the areas of mining for raw materials such as lithium for batteries, “tech junk” (the dumping of old devices for new) and the need for more and more electrical power.

But we truly believe that as an industry, solutions can be found by a field dominated by solution-oriented professionals.

“Whether you think can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

What Good is Already Happening?
Technological innovation has been instrumental in recent years, when it comes to process improvement, data curation and efficiency, and the way they decrease impact on the environment. Everywhere you look you can see evidence of advancements that have been made.

Yesterday I watched a garbage truck use a robotic arm to pick up and dump a recycling bin into its cargo hold.

The transition to online learning for students across the nation during the pandemic practically cut all paper waste – which is a huge issue for school buildings regardless of recycling programs. And while the initial roll-out hit some major bumps, at this stage, whether they are still virtual or back to in-person, there is less paper being consumed, wasted or even needed for most. A recent quote by a former colleague who is a teacher, says it all,  “I’ll never go back to paper/pencil, why would I? They have all learned how to do their work, and so have I, in better ways that reduce the amount of trash we create each day.”

Better farming practices, clean water access, food procurement, reducing poverty…the list goes on. Technology has made it better for both the process and reduction of waste, emissions and inefficiency. Environmental monitoring for endangered species, carbon reduction and energy conservation have all been improved and are measured by technological innovation.

Of course the work is not done, and some things need to be addressed sooner rather than later. But if we look back at the last 25 years alone, we cannot deny the major contributions for the well-being of the planet through technological innovation.

At CuroGens, We are Doing Our Part
Like many IT companies, we see our role as pivotal in our practice and our message. Within our offices we collaboratively work towards better practices in day-to-day operations. Some examples include:

  • Using recycled materials and recycling that which cannot be used anymore
    • Audit and updating our technology with more environmentally friendly features
    • Using sleep settings and energy efficient settings on devices- big and small
    • Promote remote working to save on emissions for those who commute
    • 90% paperless- digital documents for all business-related material

Outside of day-to-day operations we strive to work with our clientele to find ways to reduce their carbo footprint as well. Our products not only help in business flow efficiency but also contribute to green initiatives and practice.

Lasernet offers streamlined process of digital documents:

  • Ease of creating e-docs (compared to using paper)
    • Electronic delivery of documents (eliminating shipping and fuel impacts)
    • Creates efficiencies that help reduce and eliminate waste

Lasernet Forms Bundle on Appsource

Microsoft Dynamics 365/ DUA/ Azure
There are numerous environmentally-friendly practices that come into play when you look at ERP and Cloud:

  • Cloud computing is 93% more efficient that using on-prem
  • 98% lower carbon emissions that onsite data centers
  • Upgrade to D365 and Azure allowing for automated processes and waste reduction
  • Dynamics Upgrade Assessment (DUA) helps makes the upgrade process less painful, and reduces down time making the jump from on-prem to cloud, making waste reduction happen more quickly

FSMA (Full-Service Maintenance Agreement)
Our full-maintenance plans offer predictable, streamlined support. This frees up the customer to focus on things that can prioritize environmental impact of their company.

Our Committment
Sometimes changes happens in explosive ways that change the world immediately and sometimes it happens in a slow drip that gradually, but consistently changes the direction. Technology aides in both.

CuroGens is committed to doing our part within our own “office walls” and in partnership with our clients to help them find ways to make a positive impact in green initiatives. Are you?

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