Customized Learning in the Corporate Training World

The past two years have seen an uptick in the approach corporate leaders are using for their employee training needs. Technology has allowed for a reinvention of what job training looks like. From the onboarding process to skill-specific training, the options that have emerged resemble that of the personalized learning culture of the K-12 and Higher Ed arenas.

Employers are able to offer training that can be site specific and efficient, and that promote a better return on investment and a lower worker turnover rate. By bringing in the customized version of training, employers can aim for higher engagement during training and receive personalized feedback. There is benefit to all involved.

A more customized learning approach leads to longer-term retention and an increase in the employee knowledge base, which is invaluable to the culture of the workplace. This can solidify an emotional investment by employees, creating an environment of buy-in and pride. Gaining a clearer understanding of why certain information is important and how to apply it aides in company growth and success.

There are multiple models available as well as a plethora of software options. Choosing the right fit for your company may be take some time initially, but it will repay itself in the end with better trained, more engaged employees. By taking industry standards and building upon them, the workplace training environment evolves into an experience where employees benefit quickly and employers can see long-term, perceptible improvements.

There are several benefits for which this model also allows. First, real world applications that show employees the relevance of their training allow them to tighten job-related skills and field specific information. In addition, employees have the ability to access their information whenever and wherever they need it, allowing for flexible timing. Yet another benefit is the mere speed in which training can be completed. By using targeted learning objectives, employees can better move through and apply what they need to, rather than sort through pre-packaged content that may or may not apply to their job. All of these benefits can lead to better overall job performance, thereby adding to an organization’s goals and mission.

Customized learning also connects the brand with expectations. This is an excellent opportunity to align branding with messaging and developing company expectations from the onset of employment. Incorporating company expectations into customized training gives employees the opportunity to understand and regulate behavior in line with the company standards.

All in all, the personalized learning approach for employee/corporate training benefits both employee and employer, in the short and long term. CuroGens Learning Academy is focused on supporting companies by building customized and specific training for employees. If you would like to hear more about how CuroGens Learning Academy can assist your company in its corporate training needs, or to receive a free demo, contact us at