Does a ‘Simple’ ERP Really Exist?

When you think of ERP, is simple the word that comes to mind? It’s likely that it isn’t. Traditionally, ERP systems are terribly complex, which can make every part of the process difficult—especially when it comes down to the workforce using it to the best of its ability. Once the new solution is up and running, a big hurdle is actually getting your workers to buy into the new workflow.

The Importance of Integration
But really, if you’re working with the right ERP partner, you should end up with an incredibly user-friendly solution. One that matches the needs of your company culture and the individuals working within it. One of the best ways to find this simplicity is to create not just streamlined processes, but to ensure seamless integration exists.

The Cloud is the Key
In today’s modern workforce, you have employees in different buildings, different states and even different countries. Some people work better from home or from their local coffee shop, and more employers than ever are fostering this type of flexibility to get the most out of their staff. We’ve found that utilizing Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 ERP solution is second to none when it comes to creating a simplified workflow and environment for which workers to achieve their daily tasks. Because it’s cloud-based, you’re able to offer easy ways for users to access their work across PCs and mobile devices, and their work, along with the work of their colleagues, is always available in real time.  And best of all, it’s simple but at the same time, incredibly powerful and intelligent.

Better Productivity Leads to Better Creativity
When your solution is simple, it makes getting work done more efficient and productive. That leaves more time on the table for creative ideas and new ways to look at old tasks to make them even more efficient. Employees will likely be happier, feel more ownership in their jobs and contribute even more to their workday.

Investing More While Spending Less
As you know, Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution. This means no more expensive IT equipment, which enables the opportunity to move IT people to new tasks and reduce overhead significantly. At the same time, you’ll gain incredibly powerful analytics that have the ability to predict the future of your business with precision. You’ll have clear insight to fact-based data to help you make the best decisions for tomorrow, next month and next year.

A simplified ERP solution may sound too good to be true, but it’s really entirely possible. By making the switch, your employees, and your bottom line will thrive. Ready to take the next step? Contact us today at to speak with one of our Dynamics 365 experts and receive a free product demo.