Driving Profitability with CuroGens mv360

Credit: torange.biz

[March 2017] CuroGens mv360 is a warranty and parts management solution built specifically for motor vehicle manufacturers. This unique software helps OEMs streamline processes, make better decisions based on predictive analytics and more effectively communicate with their dealer networks.

With cloud-based mv360, manufacturers and dealers have real-time access to claims, inventory, recall and compliance data. Always being in the know and on the same page reduces production delays, keeps warranty expense low and heightens the ability to remain competitive while maintaining dealer satisfaction.

With this much insight into daily operations, your motor vehicle manufacturing business is primed to benefit financially. More control and better use of capital and cash flow management means your business can achieve new levels of monetary success.

So what are you waiting for? Find out how CuroGens mv360 can specifically help your business achieve more profitability. Email us today at learnmoremv360@curogens.com for a free solution demo with our seasoned technology team.