How to Get the Maximum Benefit from your ERP System

Implementing a new ERP system for your business can be a costly, time-consuming undertaking, so it’s easy to see the logic in ensuring you’re getting the very best from your investment. If you’re just beginning to consider an ERP implementation or upgrade, here are some basics to bear in mind that will help maximize the benefits and begin reaping the rewards:

Choose a system that’s best suited to your company’s needs based on extensive research.
It’s very important to create a comprehensive list of requirements with input from key stakeholders. It’s equally as important that you don’t make your choice solely upon price or vendor. Serious consideration must be given to how it would fit into your current IT infrastructure.

Ensure that an ERP is equipped and scalable to meet the needs of your individual organization.
There are a number of crucial determinations to consider prior to choosing what ERP you ultimately procure. Can it support the regulatory requirements of your business? Is it equipped with industry-specific needs out of the box or will you have to pay a lot more for customizations? Will it be able to keep up with the changing needs of your enterprising business?

Find and hire the right vendor to meet your needs.
This is a significant part of the process. You must have not only a strong working relationship – but also a vendor that has thoroughly examined your needs and confirms it can get the job done to your specification. Be sure they’re prepared to give specific estimates regarding TCO and the ROI you can expect for your business and in what period of time. Discuss in detail the budget and project completion time and obtain references from other organizations that have hired them. Also verify they have the proper experience serving your specific industry.

Confirm the ERP can integrate with current systems.
Determining how well the ERP fits into the current ecosystem is an important evaluation. It should integrate with current systems in place to minimize errors, issues and extra work. Doing so will go a long way to decreasing TCO and increasing your organization’s bottom line, not to mention keeping your employees happy and productive.

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