How an Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Leveraged an AX Upgrade to Solve Debilitating Operational and Manufacturing Issues

Sometimes the one thing that is supposed to power your business and keep it running can be the very thing that slows it down. Insufficient company infrastructure can ultimately lead to overall lowered efficiency, resulting in both wasted time and money while forcing employees to spend more time fixing issues rather than reduce cash flow. This was exactly the scenario for one of CuroGens’ clients.

Our client was running on an outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics AX and needed to upgrade, as well as migrate information to the cloud. Their antiquated AX infrastructure was presenting numerous issues, including poor support from the current IT provider, supply chain management complications due to software deficiency with printing and email, and a host of other problems. Because they were in growth mode, not acknowledging these issues and challenges would hinder this client from further progress.

Once we began working with this customer, we could assess their immediate needs, creating a one-stop, three phrase solution that addresses all the current challenges and business growth objectives in a cost effective and risk-free manner.

As a result, the client reduced operational overhead and increased operational efficiencies. They became more reliable as a company and eliminated downtime for operational and manufacturing issues. Read the full case study for more detail about how CuroGens transformed this company’s infrastructure, bringing their business to the highest levels of efficiency. Interested in achieving the same results? Contact CuroGens today at to get started with your risk-free assessment.