Louisiana’s Education Woes

Louisiana is currently experiencing an education crisis, but sadly it’s not surprising news. Despite its best attempts to improve academic achievement since 1999, the state has once again ranked poorly in several reports this year. Education Week’s Quality Counts and U.S. News and World Report each ranked Louisiana 49th in the nation, while WalletHub ranked it marginally better at 48th place.

Although these reports measure slightly different data sets—from NAEP scores and dropout numbers to examining how Louisiana stacks up against other states in terms of the level of education achieved, the bottom line is that the state needs something drastically different.

Debbie Meaux, president of the Louisiana Association of Educators, has acknowledged the state’s struggles. In 2016, she was quoted saying, «Obviously Louisiana has been at the bottom of the heap for a very long time.»

The Problem is Universal
Louisiana is not entirely alone. The United States generally is behind when compared to the rest of the world when it comes to education. In math, the country ranks 38th globally among developed countries in terms of how 15-year-olds perform. These statistics appear to be getting worse instead of better.

Major factors that affect Louisiana and other poorly educated areas of the U.S. include poverty, family issues, the falling rate of available, qualified teachers and a lack of funding, particularly for items such as technology to keep up with the learning demands of the 21st century.

A Viable Solution
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