Q&A: Microsoft Dynamics’ Task Recorder

Last week we hosted our first live Q&A session on CuroGens’ Facebook page. Our CEO, Jesper Kehlet, discussed one of Microsoft Dynamics’ most powerful tools, Task Recorder. During the session, we addressed questions regarding issues with loss of functionality after upgrading to Windows Server 2016 and even more specific questions regarding everyday use and how to address particular issues.

Below we have provided more in-depth answers and screenshots to a few of the topics we touched upon during the live event. These are based on questions submitted:

Q: Why are some of the value changes that I record not always included in the finished document?

 A: If the last step in a recording is a value change, and the form is left open when you stop recording, the value change is not recorded. The recording of a value change is triggered by a change of focus, for example, by selecting another tab in the form or by closing the form. Also, if the same control is changed multiple times without changing focus, only the last change is recorded. To ensure that all of the value changes that you make are included in the finished document, change focus between each value change and close the form as the last step in the recording.

Also, the control types TreeView, HTML, ActiveX, and ListBox are not fully supported in Task Recorder.

Q: How can I address missing steps and screenshots in the document I recorded?

A: You must manually add steps that reflect their use by modifying the finished document.

Q: Some value changes recorded appear multiple times in my finished document. Is this a functionality issue? Or a potential user error?

A: When you record a task, if you change your focus at a speed that is faster than one second, the changes are recorded, but a screen shot is not taken. During the recording, make sure that you change tabs slowly enough for Task recorder to create a screen shot.

In forms in where controls are implemented by using a lookup button and a grid that displays possible values, a change of value is recorded multiple times. To remove the duplicate recordings, modify the finished document. See below:

Optional: If you want to change the date from the one in the header, enter a new date. This date determines the fiscal period to which the budget will be recorded:

In the Account structure field, enter or select a value.

To view the original recording of CuroGens’ live event about Microsoft Dynamics’ Task Recorder click here or access the recording on our YouTube Channel.

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