RELEASE: CuroGens Learning Announces Partnership with Gravity Board Games; Company to Participate in Hungry Higgs Tournament for Copenhagen School Children

Educational design and technology company CuroGens Learning today announced a digital partnership with Gravity Board Games, a Danish organization that created the popular Hungry Higgs board game. CuroGens Learning is currently developing digitized software and a gamification plugin for Hungry Higgs that will enhance game-based learning worldwide.

As part of the partnership, CuroGens Learning will participate in the Hungry Higgs Tournament in Copenhagen, December 14, 2018, where approximately 120 children from area schools will compete in math using Hungry Higgs’ new teaching materials that reinforce student’s math competencies throughout the game. The tournament is being held by both Gravity Board Games and the Danish publisher Forlaget Matematik ApS, which is owned by Danmarks Matematiklærerforening, the country’s teachers’ association for math.

“We are thrilled that CuroGens Learning is partnering with us to digitally enhance the Hungry Higgs game,” said Michael Brommann, Co-founder of Gravity Board Games. “The company’s innovative software and gamification plugin not only succeeds in making learning more fun and engaging, it also helps inspire students worldwide to master their math skills.”

“It’s very exciting to find a company like Gravity Board Games, that shares the same learning beliefs that student and teacher engagement and empowerment mean a better outcome not just academically, but socially as well,” said Ole Hjorth, Chief Learning Officer for CuroGens Learning. “We look forward to a fun and effective partnership as we explore learning opportunities together.”

About CuroGens Learning
A subsidiary of global systems integrator CuroGens, Inc., CuroGens Learning is an education technology company that develops learning resources for students and teachers around the world. The company’s Advanced Learning Information System has been designed to address secondary school dropout rates and is based on a foundation of teacher training and certification. For more information, visit

About Gravity Board Games
Gravity Board Games creates and develops exciting and fun educational board games that are used to help students understand relevant mathematic rules and skills. The company currently offers six different board games with increasing difficulty to accommodate players of many different skillsets worldwide. Gravity Board Games organizes game tournaments and playing clubs for students of all ages. For more information, visit