Release: CuroGens Learning to Present at 2017 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education

curogens learning wipce[July 2017] Education technology company CuroGens Learning, along with representatives from the government of Greenland and the European Union’s Erasmus+ educational program, will present a workshop at the 2017 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) in Toronto, Ontario on Friday, July 28.

The workshop, titled “The Learning Paradigm Shift,” will be presented by Søren Hjorth, director of learning solutions for CuroGens Learning, Sussi Wille Broge, Naalakkersuisut head of section, ministry of education, culture, research and church for the Government of Greenland, and Ole Hjorth, EU-project coordinator for the Erasmus+ program, ANLA (A New Learning Arena).

The WIPCE presentation will outline results of new learning strategies piloted by the Government of Greenland, developed and directed by Ole Hjorth, to address student dropout rates. Greenland’s pilot program is part of a study and program sponsored by Erasmus+. Titled ANLA, the cooperative project will soon be implemented across five additional European countries. CuroGens Learning has developed the resource, a solution for teachers comprised of professional development and education technology that is being utilized to champion and deliver this new way of learning.

“Not everyone fits the mold of a traditional learner,” said Soren Hjorth. “The CuroGens Learning approach to dropout recovery creates enough flexibility and versatility to allow any student to gain confidence and feel successful throughout the learning experience. This better enables students to reach an academic finish line that will open up opportunities for a greater quality of life.”

With tremendous success, CuroGens Learning has delivered highly effective learning environments adaptable to fit any student’s cognitive style and pace. By utilizing the company’s Advanced Learning Information System to assess and adapt coursework to align with each student’s preferred learning strategy and existing level of knowledge, teachers have been empowered to provide accelerated learning that promotes retention of knowledge and skills.

“Many teachers are excited to use this educational software, and we plan to let it be a content-element of a larger national app, where the software will be a resource for the teaching of Danish language and math at different levels within the Greenlandic educational institutions,” said Lona Lynge, Head of Section, Ministry of Industry, Labour and Trade, Naalakkersuisut, Government of Greenland.

About CuroGens Learning

A subsidiary of global systems integrator CuroGens, Inc., CuroGens Learning is an education technology company that develops learning resources for students and teachers around the world. The company’s Advanced Learning Information System has been designed to address secondary school dropout rates and is based on a foundation of teacher training and certification. For more information, visit

About Erasmus+, ANLA

The Erasmus+ project, ANLA (A New Learning Arena), intends to produce new and innovative resources that overcome barriers to the use of technology in teaching practices. This study is being conducted through a series of initiatives across Europe from the fall of 2016 to summer 2018. Erasmus+ is a €14.7 billion European Union (EU) program to support advancements in education and educational training in Europe. It provides opportunities for over four million Europeans to study, train, gain experience and volunteer abroad in order to support innovation in education, form cooperative partnerships and, ultimately, impact graduation rates.

About Naalakkersuisut, Government of Greenland Ministry of Education Culture, Research and Church

The Government will work to ensure that even more students complete their education and thus are able to better support themselves and their family. One of the roads towards our common goal of becoming an independent nation is more people getting a qualifying education. This has to be done through collaboration across the ministries and by involving stakeholders.

Therefore, the Ministry is setting goals for learning and personal development, as early as the child is born. Children must be offered a developing preschool education. Children must acquire the abilities that are required for completing an education in elementary school. High school is the foundation for advancing in to higher education, academic or professional, and vocational education and training which is important to meet the demands of skilled labor in our country.