What are the biggest hassles businesses have today when using SSRS? The first issues that come to mind are time, money, and functionality. Lasernet can help with these problems and more. Let’s also consider that SSRS is resource intensive, difficult to upgrade, and its built for developers- not everyday business users. While useful, its limitations create more problems than it solves. From the smallest pagination issue to large print distribution on behalf of a customer, Lasernet’s flexible and reliable functionality helps navigate issues you regularly experience and proactively solves the ones you didn’t even know you had.

Lasernet has the solution to whichever of these obstacles, and many others, that stand in the way of your business processes. Whether at the onset, duration, or completion stage. Output management is our focus, all day and every day.


Lasernet is extremely easy and effective when generating reports. The Lasernet connector allows you to build queries in Microsoft Dynamics AX and D365 and use these in the connector for AX. Complex queries have One2One relationship with data to document design, simplifying even the most complex documents.

Simple reports are also easily generated.  Lasernet by pulls together data with Lasernet Wizard to select data and fields from AX or D365. 


Whether you are asking for complex or simple distribution requirements, SSRS has many obstacles to navigate. Lasernet options are extremely flexible. No coding is required for using Lasernet for distribution options. Logic and default destinations can be set using data from AX or D365.

Lasernet offers complete flexibility on deployment whether your AX or D365 solution is in the cloud, hybrid, or on-prem. Lasernet covers all three of these and can be delivered for any requirement.


SSRS was essentially written for developers, and knowledge in SQL and SSRS specific functions are needed to make utilization easier. This is not the case with Lasernet. Anyone in the supply chain can easily use Lasernet with drag and drop functions throughout the solution, ensuring faster generation with less errors, no coding requirements for daily users, and higher productivity rates due to easy usage.


There is no print button in SSRS, making hard copy options difficult. With Lasernet printing becomes a reality.  Lasernet also utilizes the drivers of the printers to ensure all print requirements can be met. This includes bar codes and complex image designs that SSRS cannot recognize.

Lasernet can configure any printer, regardless of whether or not it is not directly accessible from a cloud environment.  Whether it’s large print job or a small custom need, Lasernet performs with ease and efficiency. No more exporting to a PDF, Excel, or Word document, just hit the print button!


Output management is the core of Lasernet software, solving common design issues found in SSRS.  No more pagination issues or orphan data (a single extra page with one line). With drag and drop, Lasernet’s simple interface speeds up the generation and modification of output.  Increasing resource management, time, and productivity from end to end with ease and accuracy.


Integrate with Azure services by using Lasernet for pulling and posting messages and documents, something that SSRS does not deliver.

Seamless integration with other third-party applications is simple because Lasernet uses dialog boxes instead of code. Additional data, images, and documents can be pulled together in order to generate the final output the way the client requires or requests.

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