Why We Like to Use Lasernet Services for our Dynamics AX Customers

We’ve found Lasernet by Formpipe’s input and output solution to be the best available in the market. Users can quickly create, modify, control, disseminate and archive branded documentation across their entire organization. And since integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX is preconfigured, deployment is fast and reliable. Here are some of the top reasons we recommend Lasernet services to our customers:

Time Saver

Using Lasernet services takes the entire business document part out of an organization’s Microsoft Dynamics AX upgrade. This saves hundreds of consultancy hours, which of course also keeps your budget on track.

Enhanced Reports

Lasernet has developed specific add-on modules for Microsoft Dynamics AX that enhances report creation and business document design processes directly from your Microsoft Dynamics AX system. And it’s easy to use—Lasernet incorporates One-click for adding new data to a report and makes it easy to redesign documents as well.

The Science Behind It

With the Lasernet connector, the need to program with SSRS reports is removed. This reduces complexity while enabling deep integration in the Microsoft Dynamic AX environment. Rendering can be created through SSRS or directly without SSRS empowering organizational effi­ciency.

When installed, the Lasernet module gives access to a long range of pre-programmed menus and templates as well as a user interface in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This includes a preview function to view documents before updating and sending them, an archive for printed documents that can be opened and read directly from AX and the ability to employ many different output channels such as paper, email, fax, PDF, and so on. Lasernet services also make it possible for business logic to stay within AX, which makes upgrades easier.

Ready to investigate further how using Lasernet services can make your work easier in 2018? Contact us at learnmore@curogens.com for a free product demo.