Barcodes are HOT! If you have made any purchases in the era of Covid-19, you have seen your fair share of barcodes. They are everywhere.

Why are they everywhere? Why is almost every manufacturing, retail, or distribution service using them? How do you know when your package is about to be delivered?

Delivery services use them to track shipping status and announce that packages have been delivered.

Retailers use them to track inventory of items, prices, track the shipping status and notifications to customers.

Consumers use them as well, to make purchases and returns.

Manufacturing companies use bar codes to itemize parts, track inventory, data tracking and to improve inventory management.

Whether for retail, manufacturing, shipping and delivery, barcodes are being used to streamline business distribution processes from end to end. Generating, utilizing, and scanning barcodes to move quickly and productively through day to day operations has had positive impacts in all directions for businesses and their partners.

Lasernet enables your business to use barcodes easily, efficiently and effectively. Users can generate barcodes for invoices, packing slips, and inventory control, and many other operational needs.

Here’s how:

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Elimination of error: By using barcodes, the range of error significantly decreases compared to using manual processes to enter data. No longer are you reliant on employees having to type in long inventory numbers and potentially make errors that lead to fluctuating effects of incorrect information and squandering time. The use of barcodes helps eliminate this issue, giving back time to employees and allowing for more productive and accurate workflow.

Fast, efficient and easy to use: With Lasernet’s drag and drop functionality, creating and using barcodes is quick and easy – making workflow efficient. Drag and drop allows any employee to learn quickly and effectively generate and utilize the barcode system. Updating inventory, exploring availability, initiating and tracking shipping and distribution, and informing customers of progress are all fast and easy to do with Lasernet’s bar code abilities.

Higher customer satisfaction and retention: With faster service and less error, customer satisfaction improves, and retention is more likely. Barcodes provide your customers a simple and fast data point to track their purchases from you, services provided, and an ability to provide their own customers with service satisfaction. Resolving customer issues (which are inevitable in any system or business) is also faster and more accurate with use of barcodes, also contributing to satisfaction and return business. Lasernet offers this with ease and simplicity.

Integration with ERP systems: Lasernet has the capability to integrate with most, if not all, brands of ERP systems. This makes inventory management and accounting processes connected with real time data, up to the minute tracking, and real time access to information.

The generation of barcodes within the Lasernet system, enables employees at any end of your business process, the ability to easily create, utilize, and leverage the advantages that bar codes offer with accurate and up to date information.

When it comes down to it, barcodes simplify and streamline not only the day to day operations, but overall data channels, end to end. It’s a win-win for your business, your partners, and your customers and their businesses.

Let’s light a fire for your business with barcodes.  Ready to for some heat?

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