Ready to simplify and streamline your documentation process? Ready to get away from paper packing slips and invoicing, and manual archiving? How about modernizing your documents, updating your system from data input to customer receipts? Maybe you just want to fix some antiquated problems within your organization and easily correct or even avoid data errors. If you are thinking “yes” to any or all or all of these, then Lasernet is the application for you and your business.

Why Lasernet: Simple and Secure Solutions

Lasernet offers an affordable, and flexible invoicing option, that can easily be modified for specific customer needs.

Lasernet allows you to create modern, well designed invoices that includes logos, charts or other graphics, and unlimited positioning on the page.

Lasernet has a built-in drop and drag function, that makes it simple to make or change documents when creating concise, readable, and branded invoices.  

Logos, bar codes, item numbers, QR codes- all can be simply and efficiently added to any invoice or template. With these options, eliminating whitespace on pages becomes easy and efficient, with a modern, clean appearance.

Lasernet uses your existing data from your ERP, files, emails, printed and scanned documents or other applications, to create invoices.

Using Lasernet means printing fewer pages which saves paper, ink, postage, printer maintenance, and trees. Fewer resources are used and cost effectiveness is supported and maintained.

Lasernet also allows you to have a closed system, so your financial information can’t get into the wrong hands. You are able to manage permissions and authorizations, and who has access to changing the data.

With Lasernet- there’s no more coding to make changes.

How it works

Lasernet has its own server and its own developer. This allows for different functions in a secure and closed network.

Lasernet uses the connector to interface with your ERP system, and then connects to the Lasernet Server, where archiving and development takes place.

All data is stored in the Lasernet Server, so any upgrading you do in the future, will not affect the previous data used and needed to continue to serve your customers.

Invoice updating takes place in the Lasernet Developer.

The Lasernet server can interact with any printer, email address, text message, or web address.

Data from an external source is also simple and secure- Lasernet functions as input and output management system.

Lasernet can work with any ERP system and function with on premise, cloud, or hybrid system.

Why CuroGens

CuroGens is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has built itself with a focus on the needs of our customers, with over thirty years of experience in the ERP sector. We fix problems, not just automate them.

We have an established client base, with whom we have helped ensure improved bottom line and environmental impact.

We work with our customers, side by side, to ensure a true partnership, not just a transactional relationship.

We have made it a mission to optimize technology to reduce environmental footprints, not only for ourselves, but for our customers as well.

Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us at for free product demo, or for more in-depth answers about Lasernet, contact Steve Huxford directly at

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