August 11, 2020–Carmel, Ind.–Jesper Kehlet, CEO of Carmel, Ind.-based software solutions company CuroGens has a challenge for all of his employees, customers and friends. He is asking for each person to help honor his 51’st birthday by simply checking and changing the energy settings on their phones, tablets and laptops in the spirit of minimizing each of our individual energy footprints.

Throughout CuroGens, we are reviewing the settings on all of our office equipment and evaluating replacement needs to lessen our impact. Every step we take helps reduce the amount of energy consumed and in the long-term can even help equipment run for a longer period.

Environmental impact has always been important to Kehlet, but now, more than ever, he knows it’s the way forward for both his company and his family life. Inspired by his children to set these changes in motion, CuroGens recently publicly announced that one of its key missions

Is to make a lasting, positive impact on the world. One of these avenues is through conscious environmental stewardship.

“We can’t just keep talking about it and then rely on others to make an impact – we need to take action and be the change. It’s the only way we’ll be able to leave this world in better shape for our children and future generations. Each small act is a step to making better place for everyone,” said Kehlet.

Go to your device settings to find energy saving options on phones, tablets and laptops.

For more information about saving energy with business electronic equipment, see recommendations.

About CuroGens

CuroGens is a software solutions company dedicated to working with companies and individuals that share the desire to make a positive impact on the world and understand the broader implications of their own products and services. We are committed to creating innovative solutions that help companies thrive, make informed business-critical decisions and spark growth while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint. For more information, visit

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