ICYMI: We hosted a LIVE Q&A Session on Microsoft Teams about the importance of barcodes for your business. The conversation was led by our Executive Account Manager, Andrea Yovanovich. Andrea discussed how you can utilize Lasernet to create more efficient output management processes as well as how Lasernet can be customized to fit your business needs – now and in the future.

During the session, we addressed questions regarding both barcodes and Lasernet. Below, we have provided the answers to these questions:

1.     Can the Lasernet system handle multi-warehouse situations? We want to make sure we choose a system that can handle bins in different locations and be able to create transfers between them.

Do you want the simple answer? YES! But I’m sure you probably want a little explanation. Lasernet will work anywhere in the world: at any time, with any printer, and at any quantity. Of course, there are always variables that may require additional investigation, but CuroGens will work with you to make sure your business gets the most benefit from Lasernet.

2.     In a multi-warehouse situation, are you able to secure users to only one warehouse, or only the warehouses that they operate within the Lasernet system to prevent accidental transactions?

Great question, another easy answer: Yes. Security roles are defined and set up within your ERP system. Lasernet itself does not manage the security or the specific roles. If you don’t utilize roles within your ERP, the rules and restrictions will be defined on the data side.

3.     I don’t currently use barcodes but sell items online? Do I still need them?

A wise person once told me: “You can live without a barcode like you can live without a smartphone…but do you want to?” I don’t know about you but since smartphones have become an everyday thing, it handles my calendar, email, documents…everything. I use it all the time every day. You’ll find that you will do that with barcodes as well.

When you utilize barcodes, you can quickly scan your inventory, forms, retail items, deliveries and more to streamline your processes. Lasernet will pull your data and create a barcode from one of its many templates. Or, you could even customize a template to fit one of your business documents. Also, when I say “you,” yes…I mean it could be YOU and not your IT department. Lasernet’s drag and drop functionality is very user friendly.

4.     Does the Lasernet system allow for customizations? Down the road, we may need to extend functionality. Would we be able to do this?

Absolutely, the greatest strength of Lasernet is that you can customize those labels, the barcodes, the emails. the reports, the forms or any business document that you produce. It is so much easier than SSRS reports in D365. You’ll be amazed at how much time and effort you’ll save.

5.     Does the Lasernet system integrate with other financial and ERP systems besides Dynamics?

It does. If you have data in a standard form: SQL, OCR, CSV, you can integrate that directly with Lasernet. Lasernet does have a specific connector for D365 on Microsoft products, but it can be used on other ERP systems, as long as there is that data source.

6.     What is the growth point for Lasernet? Is there a specific number of users, transactions, etc.? We want to be sure the system can grow with us.

There is no minimum or a maximum amount of data that Lasernet cannot handle. You have the data, Lasernet can handle it. As with any other kind of data driven product, bigger data loads will need additional infrastructure, servers, AOS’s – essentially more computing power. Lasernet can be used both on-premise and in the cloud.

In fact, we are working with a utility company right now that is utilizing Lasernet to product its documents at the rate of 450,000 documents per hour.


To view the full recording of CuroGens’ live event on generating barcodes with Lasernet to streamline your day to day operations from end to end, click here or access the recording on our YouTube Channel.

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