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ERP software, the route to understand your client

Retail trade stands out for prioritizing customer service and interaction as the core of its business, seeking to meet their needs with motivation and efficiency, as a different value proposition from large retailers.

This proposes a special list of challenges to retailers, which must be updated in the management of their data, technologies and inventories, through tailored solutions, in order to offer class-apart services that offer a more intimate experience to their customers and increase their loyalty.

Faced with these challenges arising from the digital age, having a technological solution that provides and generates new and better opportunities, both physically and digitally, is vital.

Obtain a tailored ERP solution for your business, with curation and IT from Curogens and Microsoft.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Make your business smarter

Facilitate the tasks of your staff

From a single platform you will be able to manage all the tasks and operations of your business, such as suppliers, loads, schedules, sales and assistance, with the ability to automate functions and assignments.

Sell ​​and get paid faster

The integrable and interconnected sales and finance functionalities of the ERP platform allow you to make your collection processes more dynamic and simple, regardless of your customers’ payment methods and tracing data on their purchasing habits.

Improve your inventory management

Maintain an ideal vision and management in real time of your inventory, giving you the tools to control your stock levels, product categories and inventories efficiently, preventing excesses and/or shortages of products that can make you lose money.

Control and manage your data

Get 360º visibility of all the data and issues of your business, from the point of service and activities in the store to central management, with integrable functions for the mobility of data, documents and communications easily and at any time.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 BC, the “all-in-one” ERP suite par excellence, which allows you to be more efficient by smoothly and easily controlling all the phases of your company and the product manufacturing processes Improving production based on logistics, management of controls and plants of a high technological level and ecologically more sustainable, with data that is easy to use and access, guaranteeing you better decision-making.

Shipping Manager

The Dynamics 365 Shipping Manager app, exclusive to Curogens, is a multi-shipment and multi-transport management software that, fully integrated with your Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain or Dynamics 365 Project Operations, gives you the ability to track your shipments, at any time and anywhere they are, from the same inventory module and based on automated tests.


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Our Solutions


A solution for total control of the entire supply chain, from harvest to sale.

It creates smart and ecologically sustainable factories based on complex and fast production, assembly and strategic operations processes. 


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In the globalized world, and with the move of Professional Services to the digital sphere, opportunities are becoming more and more difficult to come by.

One of the key issues for financial service providers, whether in banking, insurance or any other sector

The usual issues in which the Wholesale Trade is immersed, such as operational efficiency, cost effectiveness