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One of the fundamental issues for financial service providers, whether in the banking, insurance or other sectors, is that of customer literacy in the products and operations offered, due to the fact that they tend to be of a high variety and complexity. .

Thus, the great challenge that is presented to the entities dedicated to this industry, is to be able to generate the transparency and financial confidence necessary in clients and users to achieve the success of establishing themselves with our products and services.

This connection can be achieved hand in hand with a platform that allows us to manage customer information, the entity’s data, corporate documents and, in addition, offer a higher quality of service, from a single place, as a result of the implementation specialized ERP software for finance and customer service.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Improve your processes, improve your customer service

It’s no secret that the vast majority of financial services today are offered through digital media. Being that the companies dedicated to this area, increasingly transfer their strategies to the digital in order to achieve a more efficient management.

Thus, in the digital sphere, these strategies have been successfully directed especially towards the tactics of:

Offer an exceptional quality service.


Diversify products and their promotion.


Increase collaborative work.


Lubricate the information exchange channels between employees and areas.


Give more response to customers.

Ofrecer un servicio de calidad excepcional.


Diversificar los productos y su promoción.


Aumentar el trabajo colaborativo.


Lubricar los canales de intercambio de información entre empleados y áreas.


Dar mayor respuesta a los clientes.

Find out how to improve the management of your financial services with a tailored ERP solution, with curation and IT from Curogens and Microsoft.

Curogens, your expert partner in finance

As an official Microsoft Partner, we advise you through the digital transformation of your financial institution, allowing you to make better informed decisions and maximize your growth, based on various options and weighing the advantages of each of the options that we offer you.

Our solutions group multiple apps in an all-in-one suite, customized to your needs and conditions, from which you can manage your finances, services, customer service, automatic responses and carry out your projects with agility, ease and comfort.

Most importantly, we take care of the expenses and costs of your business, with an eye on the profitability of your processes, your financial resources and ROI, all to adjust your ERP to your size and measure.


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 BC, the “all-in-one” ERP suite par excellence, which allows you to be more efficient by smoothly and easily controlling all the phases of your company and the product manufacturing processes Improving production based on logistics, management of controls and plants of a high technological level and ecologically more sustainable, with data that is easy to use and access, guaranteeing you better decision-making.

Our Solutions


A solution for total control of the entire supply chain, from harvest to sale.

It creates smart and ecologically sustainable factories based on complex and fast production, assembly and strategic operations processes. 


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One of the key issues for financial service providers, whether in banking, insurance or any other sector

Retail stands out for prioritizing customer service and interaction as the core of its business.

The usual issues in which the Wholesale Trade is immersed, such as operational efficiency, cost effectiveness