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Abandoning the project is not an option

Save your compromised ERP and make it work again

It is a common risk for ERP implementation projects to run into execution problems when the objectives begin to take longer than necessary, spend more and more money, and the technical service stops responding proactively.

It is a delicate situation for companies, in which the skill and hand-on-hand experience of software development experts like Curogens can help, not only to recover, but even to save the destination and the timelines and costs of the original project.

Despite the obstacles, hand in hand with our success stories with decades of specialized work, we guarantee a recovery plan based on data and intelligent audits.

No matter where you are, halfway through the project or in the execution phase, at Curogens our team of specialist implementers can help you.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

When the hours and expenses keep rising

Alerts that your ERP needs help

  1. The project is (by far) over the original budget.


  2. Conversations and discussions about points already clarified in the original project or jumps to customizations.


  3. The implementation methodology is not precise and is constantly changing.


  4. The project has been embezzled from the timelines and you no longer have any idea when the stages will be ready.


  5. Lost interest in the implementation project within your own company


  6. The executive team has lost interest in the project, delegating assignments, putting off meetings, or simply not participating in them.


  7. The ERP is not working well, and rather the tasks are just as cumbersome as the manual ones were.


  8. Reports from your Implementation Partner are repetitive and missing, and no progress is noted.


  9. Lack of response to calls or messages from your Partner.


  10. You have lost confidence in your ERP implementation service provider.

A proven model of intelligent management to give North to your ERP project.

Curogens Methodology®

Smart audit of ERP implementation

Our intelligent and personalized audit process will identify and focus on the friction points blocking the progress of the project. Whether in calendar points, budgets, methodology, timelines or results of the ERP implementation. We guide and evaluate the command control model and project decision-making, implementation techniques and teams, as well as configuration and functionality decisions, project and change management, and technical areas, including migration of data.

ERP rescue and recovery plan

We configure and supply you with a recovery plan customized to your project and needs, curated by our team of experts, aimed at the critical recovery of the friction points found. Taking as a starting point the current stage of your project, we will repair, restore, modify or change the original project for good, after your approval.


Delivery and rescue execution of the ERP

We deliver your reformulated implementation project, hand in hand with the assistance of our team to achieve full, effective and efficient implementation. With a guarantee of results and fortified by the experience and expertise of Curogens, at the hand of your directors, shareholders and interested parties to verify compliance with the original timelines, costs and objectives.

Our recovery services include project management, solution design, and project management staff and teams.