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Transform your business from top to bottom

MS Dynamics: Leading ERP Technology for SMBs and Large Enterprises

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of apps for managing resources and business processes is an avant-garde and modern ecosystem used by companies around the world to project solutions and optimize their internal processes, cataloged as a leader and visionary in its area by firms like Gartner(r).

Today, software such as MS Dynamics has evolved beyond the limitations inherent in ERP programs, integrating features for industry 4.0 based on artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), and new security standards. and accessibility, which allow companies to purify their processes, while increasing their profitability and reducing waste of time and money.

Migrate to MS Dynamics 365, look to the future

Thanks to the experience of our team, migrations to the MS Dynamics Business Software are an effective, intelligent and strategic solution within your reach to be able to transform the comprehensive performance of your business, hand in hand with the latest ERP technology. It is also an optimal way to generate added value and long-lasting tools for the company.

At CuroGens, as a Microsoft Gold Partner and with more than 25 years side by side with these technologies, we are guarantee specialists to cure and implement your migration from or to Microsoft Dynamics 365 in an easy, comfortable and competitive way.

Discover how to optimize your business processes

Discover how to optimize your business processes

KPIs of the status of your ERP

When is my time to migrate to MS Dynamics 365?

When your company finds itself in one of these situations, you are at the right time to switch to MS D365:

You over-simplify data and processes

When your current ERP software limits the information it collects. Or it restricts it to certain elements, leaving others out, this is the case of an ERP that is not capable of integrating and using all the data produced by your business understandably.

Awkward hardware

Today, the vast majority of digital packaging that goes into the MS D365 is cloud-manageable. Without the need for heavy and labyrinthine equipment, a situation in which companies usually find themselves as they grow and must expand their IT systems.

High maintenance costs

Hand in hand with the space and electricity expenses of your IT system, are added those of costs that, proportionally, become higher over time, such as those of expanding hardware equipment and from little specialized ERP software. .

Poor accessibility

When access to your ERP is limited to certain places, equipment and accounts, without being able to access data outside the establishment, you limit the benefits that the software can offer you in its entirety. It is important to have an ERP software that maintains data functionalities in time, with 24/7 access, apps and ease of user authorization.

Lack of compatibility and integration

Most ERP systems do not have fundamental characteristics of the world of new technologies such as interoperability, integration, compatibility and connection between software and apps from different sources. A situation that affects the productivity of modern companies. MS D365 is the perfect example of an integrative suite, as it is designed to be able to adapt ideally with programs from other sources, such as LinkedIn or Lasernet, and in the development of “low-code” apps.

An ERP difficult to understand

It is not only important that your ERP works well. It is also important that the data it provides is understandable, for your employers, managers, directors, and even for someone without prior knowledge. The way an ERP processes data and presents it is a fundamental element to determine its current status or suitability.

integrating all the data of your company, but also being able to process it, distribute it and make it available to your employees in an understandable way.

If the training for the use of the system is too complicated for our employees.