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Execute your roll-outs with technical advice

Program Management Outsorcing

The art and technique of project management is a key element for the success of modern companies. Especially about those unavoidable to its life and development such as event processes, marketing and sales campaigns, standardizations and globalization.

Having a project management company specialized in technological solutions is a necessary factor to achieve these expansion operations successfully, from roll outs to branches, in order to provide your business with ‘core’ or base methodologies, executable between your different levels and offices, regardless of the size or sector of your company

Discover how to optimize your business processes

Discover how to optimize your business processes

Consulting from TPAO, for PMO and in projects of all scale

Ideal methodology for PMOs

We follow you step by step, from start to finish, thanks to a proven resilient methodology of advice and quality control from the hand of Dynamics 365 Technical Project Advisor Office (TPAO).

Thanks to our technical model, our team works closely with your project at all times and circumstances, working based on deadlines, attention to detail, supervised expenses and compliance.

Advice and support

IT consulting and implementation of the methodology adjusted to your objectives.

Quality Control

Analysis of the stages, inspection, management and constant support on the course.

Real time management

Best practices and uses for real-time control and management of the project.

Our services

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