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Take advantage of the multiple services of the Microsoft Cloud Computing platform

Microsoft Azure gives you the possibility of making your company’s IT management more flexible by taking advantage of the multiple benefits of Cloud Computing. Its portfolio of services offers from servers and storage to networking, development tools, hosted applications and all kinds of Datacenter services.

Trusting in Azure you will reduce the costs of your computer systems by lightening your physical IT infrastructure and leaving only what is necessary in your company. In this way, you will save on maintenance, support, energy costs and you will achieve a much faster management.

Azure brings together a set of more than 200 services, all of them in a pay-per-use mode that will allow you to be flexible and have a perfectly scalable infrastructure. As your business grows, you will only have to hire new services that will be implemented in your systems almost immediately.

Azure has the guarantee of Microsoft, having a network of Datacenters around the world that will always guarantee maximum availability and security. Thanks to Azure, your IT team will be able to fully focus on the digital transformation of your company, forget about infrastructure maintenance and spend less time resolving incidents.

1. More than 200 IT services in the cloud

• Large capacity cloud storage for files, data and disks.

• Virtual network that will allow you to provision private networks and host DNS domains.

• Backup service in the cloud to safeguard your critical data.

• You will have Windows and Linux virtual machines to host your systems there.

• Managed relational SQL and managed NoSQL databases.

• Application development environment with Visual Studio.

• Connect all kinds of devices and control them thanks to the IoT capabilities of Azure.

2. Featured Features

• Quick and easy management

Your services will be deployed much faster and you will be able to manage access, directories and identities without complications.

• Control consumption in detail

You will be able to consult at any time the services you are using and the cost that it is assuming, so that you will not have surprises, being able to contract or delete depending on your needs.

• Services on a global scale

Certain services can be replicated on a global scale. For example, the result of a backup can be replicated in the same datacenter or in a datacenter in a different region of the world. Therefore, in the event that one data center fails, you will still have the other in a different location serving you.

3. Benefits of Azure

• Notable cost savings

Cloud computing eliminates the capital investment involved in purchasing hardware and software, and setting up and running on-premises data centers (servers, uninterruptible power supply for power and cooling, IT experts to manage the infrastructure).

• Great speed of service

Most cloud services are provided on a self-service and on-demand basis, so that even huge amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in a matter of minutes, typically with just a few clicks, giving businesses great flexibility and relaxation. of not having to worry about capacity planning.

• Greater productivity for your business

On-premises data centers often require a significant amount of hardware configuration, software patching, and other time-consuming and tedious IT administration tasks. Cloud computing eliminates the need for many of these tasks, so IT teams can spend their time achieving more important goals for their business.

Hybrid and software-defined cloud solutions for greater speed, flexibility and scalability

Microsoft Azure gives you the possibility of making your company’s IT management more flexible by taking advantage of the multiple benefits of Cloud Computing.

At CuroGens we have an expert and qualified security team to protect the people, information and infrastructure of your company

Take advantage of the benefits of virtualization, the IT environment will be able to be more flexible and minimize costs, which will translate positively both in the company’s costs and in the administration of your IT systems.