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Discover the future of data backup

Azure Information Protection, your trunk in the cloud

Azure Cloud solutions allow you to manage your applications, software and data with ease, from the guarantee of Microsoft’s highly secure Data Servers and thanks to a varied offer of more than 200 IT applications.

The wide range of Azure Data Services adjusts to your company, integrating seamlessly with other Microsoft Suites and providing you with independent and coordinated tools for real-time data access, centralized security control with AI and the development of innovative applications.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Maintain control and accessibility in real time

Azure Cloud – Advantages

The strongest on-premises cloud

With a 99.9% service time, trusted by the world’s largest companies and present in 50 regions, Azure Cloud incorporates agility, high security and multifunctionality to guarantee permanent access, exclude threats and allow your teams to share code, directories and databases with peace of mind.

IoT Smart Surveillance

Get peace of mind and confidence thanks to multiple AI apps dedicated to the end-to-end security of your data, such as Security Center, Azure Sentinel and Azure IoT. Provide automated security to your team in its operations by enabling protections, using intelligent analysis and unifying your firewall.

Produce more, spend less

It favors the creativity and performance of your developers, reducing hardware configuration tasks, freeing up time and integrating low-code tools, from a standard and easy-to-use system. You also choose which features your business wants, with the freedom to adapt in the future.

Work flexibly

Whether on-premises, across multiple clouds, or at the edge, constantly create, modify, shape, and change your cloud service, without limitations, from any device and for any tool or project.

Configure and adapt your Azure cloud with clarity

Features – Azure

Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud

Multi-channel capabilities for a personalized and adaptable solution, with applications for connecting private network fibers, SQLs in the cloud, integrating and managing your business environments, and performing security unifications and segmentations. Azure Cloud allows you to generate intelligent analytics, run apps hybridly across your IT, distribute code and software, and enjoy scalable solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Instantly locate and mitigate threats to your IoT resources, simplify Big Data monitoring and management, and easily give your data geospatial context with APIs. Azure Cloud integrates AI elements to give you machine learning capabilities, edge intelligence, tier 1 developer tools, and cloud intelligence.

Security and Migration

Detect the feasibility and size of your virtual machines, make migrations quickly and keep backups of everything at all times with Azure Site Recovery, specialized in disaster recovery. Run gateways, digital key vaults, sentinels, a local VPN, and a security center.

Administration and expenses

Manage and configure your expenses in the cloud instantly, depending on your needs. It also configures visualization solutions, a navigation shell, how-to engine, and corporate governance guides and guidelines. In turn, log in anytime, anywhere with the Azure mobile app.


Store large masses of data on high-performance disks, with scalability and solid protection against ransomware, from different plans and apps adjustable in price and quality to the particularities of your company.