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Efficient IT opportunities

Virtualization of Operating Systems

The virtualization of hardware and software systems are scalable solutions for all sizes of companies to improve performance, increase security and reduce costs, from SMEs to large conglomerates.

Depending on the opportunities for your business, from the implementation of virtualization products you will be able to optimize the performance of your IT by transforming environments such as servers, applications and desktops to digital.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Virtualization Solutions – Benefits

Multiple servers in one

It greatly reduces the costs of acquiring and maintaining servers, space resources, energy costs and cooling, raising the level of your IT infrastructure to transfer all your data to a single physical server.

Spread your net

Better distribute and house your virtual applications and tools through a single data center, which behaves like a physical network, but without the need for hardware and with better operating performance.

Unite and improve your operating systems

Take advantage of the management of hundreds of Desktops as a single managed service, from a central administration, managing and updating multiple physical computers at the same time.

Consolidate your data

Group your data in a single source, boosting the processing capacity of your servers and equipment, and giving your users better tools.

Virtualization solutions, which is better?


Make it possible for your employees to work from anywhere and at any time as if they were in their offices, such as scenarios of absences, forties and restrictions, thanks to the best solution to virtualize desktops.


It provides the IT infrastructure with a converged virtualization for software, with the capacity for dynamic scaling.


The perfect solution for virtualizing applications without impacting everyday applications, VMware Solution Management makes it easy for you to migrate if you need them.


Microsoft’s all-in-one solution for the potential virtualization of all your software and hardware resources, including your Microsoft operating system and other company products.