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Energize your projects and business ideas with CuroGens patented solutions

Curogens’ Business Solutions

ERP, native to Curogens and based on MS D365 technologies, guarantee the future and efficiency of your business management through Microsoft Business Solutions, fully integrable, functional and intelligent.

From a single solution, you will be able to make your areas and departments in different areas easier, more understandable and faster, with special features for Logistics and distribution, Professional services and Discrete manufacturing.

With the DUA, Learning Academy and Shipping Manager apps, you will streamline the comprehensive performance of your operations and processes, with rapid migration advice, tailored staff training and smart documentation tools and digital signatures.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Design the future with innovation

The benefits of our solutions


CuroGens' DUA

Quickly and easily discover the possible economic impact of your migrations from your ERP or CRM to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud, eliminating uncertainty to make better decisions.

Evaluate cost impact

DUA allows you to understand the impact and requirements for your company to migrate to MS D365, identifying pending data tasks, SQL, among others, automatically and to focus your efforts, allowing you to forget about deviations and unnecessary cost overruns.

Save time

Take advantage of the functionalities for the Logistics, Retail and Discrete Manufacturing areas of the dashboard, complexity estimates and preliminary cost reviews, allowing you to speed up your analysis and preparation times.

Focus your solutions, tailored to you

Curogens acts hand in hand with the data collected by DUA to generate in-depth analyzes of your ERP immigration situation, opportunities for success and future costs.

Formpipe’s Lasernet

Increases accuracy

Validate data with QR codes, encodings, marks and details to check for errors before entering your documents.

Access at all times

Uploaded documents are processed instantly, with immediate accessibility to edit, download and play from any of your company’s computers and devices

Greater security

Track the entries and exits of your documents made by your users from different servers

Smart and personalized designs

Increase the added value of your documents, maintaining the consistency of your branding and with encryption and smart inscriptions in your documents

Learning Academy

Identify the best talent

Learning Academy allows you to focus on the capabilities of each employee. A useful functionality when organizing staff into effective, more balanced teams.

Maximize your problem solving

Capture the current knowledge and skills of your employees. Then, our trainers will be able to measure your aptitude to apply them in your jobs and tailor personalized learning to cover your needs or shortcomings.

Focus on knowledge gaps

Our special algorithms, based on rules and commands, are trained to change and alter the sequence and types of questions based on what the employee knows and doesn’t know.

continually learn

Hand in hand with our research-based design and continuous professional development, we foster and implement a culture of continuous learning for both your employees and our coaches.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Shipping Manager

CuroGens' Shipping Manager Logo

The Dynamics 365 Shipping Manager app, exclusive to Curogens, is a multi-shipment and multi-transport management software that, fully integrated into your Dynamics 365 Commerce, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain or Dynamics 365 Project Operations, gives you the ability to track your loads, at any time and wherever they are, from the same inventory module and based on automated tests.

An easy-to-use solution to ‘track’ and trace the information of your packages in an understandable, automatic and effective way, forgetting about the blind spots in your supply chain, by consolidating in one place the best features of the Advanced Warehouse modules Management and Transportation Management.

Our Solutions

Audit your company with Dynamics Upgrade Assessment (DUA). DUA allows you to understand the impact and requirements to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics

CuroGens Learning Academy trains your employees to give them the tools they need to become familiar with Microsoft technologies and do their jobs better.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Shipping Manager, exclusive to Curogens, you can manage multi-shipments and multi-transports. It gives you the possibility to “track” and trace your loads at all times.

CuroGens, together with Formpipe, makes technological solutions available to companies to automate document management through Lasernet