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Acquire a custom management system

Face the challenges of your business with innovation

Faced with the dynamism of the markets, CuroGens ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft software and products and integrable external programs are presented as the perfect response to the needs of change and renewal of the business model and technologies of your company. .

No matter your product, sector, size or activity, since from consulting and implementation to IT development and managed services, with the experience of Curogens we help you, with attention and support, to find the ideal ERP or CRM solution. and innovative, perfectly adapted to your industry or sector.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Confidently grow your business

Curogens and the value of taking care of yourself

Our solutions are innovative, dynamic and sustainable. Destined to enhance the success of companies through the challenges and changes of the future thanks to our deep knowledge of Microsoft Business Solutions, with certifications in all its products.

Being CuroGens solutions 100% compatible with its technologies, and specialized for the distribution, discrete manufacturing, retail, industrial, food, retail and professional and financial services sectors.

Increase the leadership of your employees

Grant mobility to your staff, as well as means of collaborative work and better and more extensive tools and knowledge for their work

Connect with your customers

Meet and interact with your clientele wherever they are, with personalized experiences to exceed their expectations

Perfect your processes

Transform the processes of all your departments, with AI, BI and automation, to make better decisions.

Solutions from an expert, Curogens

As Microsoft Gold Partner and specialists in its products, technologies and systems, we offer you fully packaged ERP and/or CRM solutions, according to your required functions and capabilities. In “all-in-one” suites and adaptable to your IT infrastructure.

A Curogens solution to achieve total control of the entire supply chain, from harvest to sale.

Create smart and ecologically sustainable factories, based on complex and fast processes of production, assembly and strategic operations.

Efficiently manage all parts of projects: expensive resources, deadlines and heavy materials.

A flexible and efficient Curogens solution for the great challenges of sales, channels and personnel in the industry

A total, effective and efficient solution to revolutionize your supply chain, production and distribution processes.

Improve the management of your business with an easy and intelligent tool to connect more closely with your customers.

An innovative solution to improve the talent of your employees and get closer to your customers.

Improve your customer service and facilitate the management of your processes, products and services with a world-class solution.