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Track and improve the performance of your CPUs

Software Test Automation and Benchmarking

Software Test Automation nowThe test automation software tools and benchmarking software are the set of external hardware and software that allow you to evaluate the performance of processes, tasks and heavy graphics on your computers, while automating and increasing their speed to the maximum and performance.

These functions materialize, with advice, thanks to detailed solutions with GPUs such as Nvidia, AMD and 3DMark, executed with a keen eye on the best attainable performance for your business management software plan (ERP or CRM). benchmarking

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Descubre cómo optimizar los procesos de tu negocio en tu sector, acompañándote a través de tu Transformación digital

Power your business management products

Automation software testing, relieve your CPUs

Automate critical app functions

Discover the critical functionalities of all your applications, from e-commerce to production, finance and sales. With the automation of routine tasks you will be able to improve its general performance and adaptability to your systems.

Simplify data handling

Give your teams a break from application and system tasks that require large masses of data to be executed, such as search functions, data processing and artificial intelligence, by automating thousands of small tasks with ease and on a personalized basis.

Test parallel and simultaneously

Evaluate parallel tasks, which involve the use and execution of several users at the same time, in multiple access scenarios from different teams within your company. Improve your results in multi-device environments with automated scripts.

Potencia tus productos de gestión empresarial

Automation software testing, alivia tus CPUs

Automatiza las funciones críticas de apps

Descubre las funcionales críticas de todas tus aplicaciones, desde e-commerce hasta producción, finanzas y ventas. Con la automatización de tareas rutinarias lograrás mejorar su rendimiento general y adaptabilidad a tus sistemas.

Simplifica el manejo de datos

Dale aire a tus equipos de las tareas de aplicaciones y sistemas que requieran largas masas de datos para su ejecución, como funciones de búsqueda, procesamientos de datos e inteligencia artificial, automatizando miles de pequeñas tareas con facilidad y personalizadamente.

Testea paralela y simultáneamente

Evalúa tareas paralelas, que implican el uso y ejecución de varios usuarios al mismo tiempo, en escenarios de accesos múltiples desde diferentes equipos dentro de tu empresa. Mejores tus resultados en entornos de varios dispositivos con scripts automatizados.

GPU Benchmark software, ensure your graphics

Measure the graphic performance of your PCs

Measure the graphic performance of your PCs

Analyze the usefulness of your equipment and particular hardware techniques, its power to support software and reduce and distribute heavy graphic tasks, improving the speed and performance of your computers.

Get valuable insights

Uncover opportunities by detecting the patterns and elements of your current GPU from various workloads. Improve global and individual performance with internal and external additions to optimize your teams, getting the most out of your enterprise resource management software.

Find the slowness where it occurs

Accelerate individual components, apps and tasks, or an entire software or operating system within the overall performance of your equipment, with types of benchmarks for different tasks, systems and of varied ranges.