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The most used ERP for SMEs in the market

Empower your Company with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful all-in-one ERP platform that integrates information from all business operations in one place, in a flexible and scalable way.

One of the most trusted platforms on the market for SMEs, Navision makes it easy, simple and successful to manage your applications and organizational functions, regardless of your sector or specialty, thanks to dynamic capabilities to automate reports, perform financial forecasts, improve calculation and planning of your inventories, among other elements of value.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Descubre cómo optimizar los procesos de tu negocio en tu sector, acompañándote a través de tu Transformación digital

Design the future of your company

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and how can it help me?

Accelerate your success

With the guidance and support of transformation experts across Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystems, bring customers, products, and organizations together in one place and make better, smarter decisions.

Make your processes smart and get ahead of the future

Put your finger on current and future needs as your business grows, receive automated forecasts, make changes in real time, and enjoy capabilities tailored to specific industries, from healthcare to financial services to NGOs.

Unify your data and processes

Give your company greater control by linking clients, finances, projects and production on the same platform, interconnected, through the entire supply chain and with data analytics.

Improve your team’s performance

Increase your productivity and maximize your results with multiple staff training tools, monitoring of activities, projects and automated delivery of benefits and incentives.

Sell faster

Get better, more qualified leads, in greater numbers, through personalized customer journeys, interactions, and guidance powered by AI and automation.

Access from your mobile, PC or tablet

Enjoy and give your employees real-time control and vision of all business data, with the software experience from any device, allowing you to manage, interact and create activities at any time.

Customizable to your company

Depending on your size, industry, product or service and other specifications, we provide you with multiple and varied solutions for your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP software, with the ideal Dynamics 365 apps and externalities such as Formpipe’s Lasernet.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Features

Finance and Accounting

It handles multi-currency management, with integrated foreign currency balances, generates analysis of financial trends and creates unique and fast models between collection, banking, treasury, fixed asset data and monthly and annual financial statements.

Sales and services

Prioritize tasks and operational processes, generate quotes more easily, control offers, agreements, sales invoices and payments; data from service orders, service contracts and contact management, in a unified contract compliance verification module.


Take advantage of the Project Management module to easily plan and track resources, budgets, prices, work and necessary processes in advance.

Supply chain and logistics

Affirm the added value of your business by centralizing the logistics of your warehouse: Locations, cancellations and returns, suppliers, space, merchandise, production costs and all kinds of monitoring.


Manage your product configuration, manufacturing, supply, planning and multiple calculation processes for your warehouses from a single point, with comprehensive data, statistics and reports.

Reports and analysis

The Business Intelligence (BI) module will provide you with a deep analysis of the data with the generation of dashboards, reports and statistical reports, with overviews of trends and incidents and fully integrable to your Microsoft Office 365 and SQLServer suite.