Streamline Your Parts Ordering Process with CuroGens mv360

[January 2017] If you’re a motor vehicle manufacturer employee working with a network of dealers, you know that one of their biggest pain points is parts ordering. The time spent sending faxes, waiting for confirmations and follow-up phone calls could be better used towards improving overall service to the dealers’ customers and building brand loyalty for your products.

CuroGens mv360 eliminates these headaches and allows for an increase in productivity—thereby improving customer service between a manufacturer and their dealer network, as well as the end-user.

Benefits include:

  • A cloud-based, customizable parts catalog in real-time that’s always updated
  • Dealers can create an order from within mv360 and receive immediate confirmation it was received
  • Ability to attach photos or other documents to parts orders
  • All service, parts orders and vehicle history are trackable via the VIN or HIN and available in real-time
  • Improves overall ability for accuracy and efficiency of parts orders and deliveries
  • Assurance that stock levels are consistent with service needs
  • The ability to control inventory costs (no overstocking or understocking)

Are you ready to learn more about the power of mv360 for greater success in 2017? Download the mv360 Fact Sheet and Solution Brief, and contact us at for a free solution demo.