Choosing the Right Time to Upgrade Your ERP

Deciding the right time to make that upgrade decision for your business’s ERP can be tricky. There are many considerations to keep in mind—both long term and short term. We believe there are five major areas on which to focus: productivity, performance, intelligence, agility, and consistency. Whether short-term or long-term concerns keep you from making […]

Q&A: Achieving Agility & Why It Matters

We recently hosted a Facebook Live session featuring CuroGens’ CEO Jesper Kehlet, as well as our Scrum Master, Derrick Galster, to discuss the many benefits of incorporating agile principles, as defined in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, into any organization. During the session, we addressed many valuable questions regarding the use of agile principles and […]

[In the News]: Cloud ERP – The Rising Alternative to Hosting Your Own

One of the first tasks Tom Doria was charged with when he was brought on board as CIO of SeneGence International late last year was to evaluate cloud services for ERP. The global manufacturer and multilevel marketing company for women’s cosmetics is experiencing tremendous growth and its platform couldn’t match the pace needed for the company […]

In the News: Manufacturing 4.0 Raises Expectations of Global Manufacturing Leaders

[June 2017] The manufacturing industry is in a state of transformation. Heightened levels of agility, flexibility and actionable knowledge are raising the expectations, as well as doubts, of global manufacturing leaders. Most agree Manufacturing 4.0 can deliver a host of benefits and positively impact business. A recent whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan in association with […]