Predictability is the Key

With so many unpredictable things that can occur on a daily basis in business, there is one thing that can be counted on day in and day out — a Full-Service Management Agreement (FSMA) with a provider. Day to day IT challenges can undermine productivity, limit innovation and detract resources from business-critical operations. What’s the […]

[In the News]: How successful CFOs win with business forecasts and budgets

In February of 2019, Acuity Magazine published this article on CFOs and the role of forecasting and budgeting play in the overall success of a business. ERPs can assist with the focus of business growth, revenue, and profits. Take a look at what Acuity had to say: As accounting and finance professionals return to work […]

The ERP from a CFO Perspective

“In terms of an ERP system, I do believe you need to have a controlled system. It’s important. This applies to the CFO, the controller, in fact all employees benefit from the use of centralized controlled system. Specifically, for the finance people, there are many benefits in this kind of system.” Mike Cleary joined CuroGens […]

[In the News]: 6 Questions CFO’s Need to Ask About Cloud ERP

Many more CFOs and their teams are considering moving their company’s core financial systems to the cloud, according to Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant report on the segment. If you’re one of those companies evaluating its cloud ERP options, make sure you’re asking the following six questions before selecting a platform. 1. Is It a True Cloud? Business […]