What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Beginning October 2019, Microsoft will put several notable changes to Dynamics 365 into effect. Among them licensing updates, new fraud protection and restructuring of Finance and Operations. In this blog, we will take a quick look at these changes to ensure you’re informed and can ask your service provider the right questions. Licensing Changes One […]

[In the News]: New Flexible Service Updates for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

In October 2018, Microsoft introduced One Version, modernizing the service updates for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. All customers will now benefit from being on the same version with access to the latest capabilities available and continuous updates. Since that time, Microsoft has automatically applied an estimated 5,000 automatic updates to its customers, both […]

Does a ‘Simple’ ERP Really Exist?

When you think of ERP, is simple the word that comes to mind? It’s likely that it isn’t. Traditionally, ERP systems are terribly complex, which can make every part of the process difficult—especially when it comes down to the workforce using it to the best of its ability. Once the new solution is up and […]

10 Great Advantages of Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP for Finance & Supply Chain Management


Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 is powered by Azure, allowing for your organization’s ERP and CRM to be deployed together. Available for any sized business, this end-to-end solution helps to break down silos, fuel business growth and streamline operations. The Finance and Supply Chain Management applications are something CuroGens widely employs for its customers. Here are 10 […]

Five Common ERP Implementation Challenges Businesses Face

[June 2017] Choosing to implement an ERP is a big decision for any company, and warrants careful planning and execution. Here are five common ERP implementation challenges that companies often face: Choosing an adequate system – The size and scope of an ERP ultimately determines a business’ strategy for as many as 10 years to […]

Improve Warranty and Claims Management with CuroGens mv360

[April 2017] If you’re a motor vehicle manufacturing company and you, along with your network of dealers, are using manual methods to enter claims and warranty information, CuroGens mv360 can save your business significant time and money. With mv360, you can direct your dealers to a cloud-based, self-service portal to quickly input claims, parts descriptions […]

Streamline Your Parts Ordering Process with CuroGens mv360

[January 2017] If you’re a motor vehicle manufacturer employee working with a network of dealers, you know that one of their biggest pain points is parts ordering. The time spent sending faxes, waiting for confirmations and follow-up phone calls could be better used towards improving overall service to the dealers’ customers and building brand loyalty for your […]