Cases: Your Solution to Customer Service Issues in Microsoft Dynamics 365

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 help to manage a customer’s concern through resolution? Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a helpful feature called cases that will make a big difference for your employee and customer experience!  Unlike other customer service issue/ticket trackers that I have utilized in different companies within a customer service capacity, the cases feature […]

Why Are Legacy AX Users Avoiding Upgrades?

curogens dynamics upgrade

Are thoughts of upgrading to D365 or undertaking a re-implementation of a legacy Dynamics AX product (AX 2012 or earlier) keeping you awake at night? The amount of human resource hours it would take, as well as the consulting costs, licensing fees and even potential hardware upgrades combine to make the upgrade process something many […]

Improve Warranty and Claims Management with CuroGens mv360

[April 2017] If you’re a motor vehicle manufacturing company and you, along with your network of dealers, are using manual methods to enter claims and warranty information, CuroGens mv360 can save your business significant time and money. With mv360, you can direct your dealers to a cloud-based, self-service portal to quickly input claims, parts descriptions […]