In the News: Winnebago’s Happe: ‘These Are Dynamic and Exciting Times’

[March 2017] Winnebago Industries Inc. President and CEO Michael Happe and Vice President and CFO Sarah Nielsen talked with investors about the significant results the company saw during its 2017 fiscal second quarter. As reported in its earnings release, Winnebago’s revenues for the company’s second quarter were $370.5 million, up 64.2% from the same period […]

Turn Insight into Advantage with CuroGens mv360

[February 2017] Motor vehicle manufacturing executives need a lot of data to make the right decisions for their organizations.  Access to accurate and timely information is critical to aligning all parts of the business with common objectives that drive strategic decision. CuroGens mv360 allows manufacturing companies to empower employees by offering the data they need […]

Streamline Your Parts Ordering Process with CuroGens mv360

[January 2017] If you’re a motor vehicle manufacturer employee working with a network of dealers, you know that one of their biggest pain points is parts ordering. The time spent sending faxes, waiting for confirmations and follow-up phone calls could be better used towards improving overall service to the dealers’ customers and building brand loyalty for your […]