In the News: Boating Industry Goes After Millennials with High-Tech, Tricked-Out Crafts

[February 2017] The boating industry’s typical customer is the deep-pocketed baby boomer. But like most consumer-driven industries, boat manufacturers and dealers are working hard to appeal to millennials. Many younger consumers, however, are saddled with college debt and still living at home. They are marrying and buying homes later, and some are in no rush […]

In the News: Top Four Boating Trends to Watch

Heading into 2017, U.S. manufacturers are gearing up for a busy winter boat show season to further attract the growing number of boating enthusiasts. Boat shows generate as much as 50 percent of annual sales for some manufacturers and dealers. They’re also the best time for consumers to shop as dealers and manufacturers offer some of […]

In the News: Wakesurfing is Driving the Surge in Tow Boat Sales

[November 2016] Over the past five years, tow boats have continued to post year-over-year sales growth in the high single digit or low double-digit range. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), sales of inboard-powered ski and wake boats totaled 7,800 units in the 2015 calendar year. This represents a 9.85 percent sales increase […]