The Top 3 Customer Service Challenges for Motor Vehicle Manufacturers

[January 2017] Motor vehicle manufacturers have their own unique set of customer service challenges in a very competitive space. Here are some of the top challenges these manufacturers deal with on a daily basis and ways CuroGens mv360 solution can resolve the pain points associated with them.


Recalls are one of the biggest—if not THE biggest headache facing the motor vehicle manufacturing industry today. In fact, for several years in a row, vehicle recalls have reached record highs. Customer service must be a key focus during the recall process in order to earn and keep consumer confidence. The first hurdle is getting the word out to the NHTSA and dealers that a recall exists so customers can be officially notified. The next step is making sure each dealer is equipped with the parts and information needed to repair each recalled vehicle. The dealer then has the job of getting each affected customer’s vehicle in for repairs in a timely manner.

What can mv360 do to help in this situation? As soon as the manufacturer is able to report a recall to its dealers, it can also easily add information about parts needed for the dealer service departments. This way, the service staff will have a head start in getting customers scheduled for repairs and won’t have to wait for parts to arrive. Remember, because the mv360 Dealer Portal is cloud-based, information added is available in real-time and easily accessible with the click of a link.

Communication Across the Enterprise

Motor vehicle manufacturers constantly need to communicate across multiple product locations and departments plus dealer networks and their service departments. With the wrong systems in place, communication can become very cumbersome, leading to lowered productivity and ultimately, the possibility of customer dissatisfaction when they don’t get what they need when they need it.

CuroGens mv360 gives vehicle manufacturers the ability to communicate in real time across their entire enterprise, including the capability to centrally manage units while giving all parties access to warranty and service information. This means better communication from the start, allowing for heightened customer satisfaction throughout the duration of ownership.

Establishing Brand Loyalty

Now more than ever before, it’s crucial for motor vehicle manufacturers to remain competitive. In this information age, it becomes more difficult to edge out competitors with pricing alone. This is where the need for excellent customer service comes into play.

Having the right solution in place can make all the difference with the level of satisfaction end users experience. With mv360, manufacturers are able to pave the way to easier, more effective communication with every facet of their business from internal operations to dealer sales and service. Streamlining every day processes to become more efficient means better service to the customer, which ultimately fosters brand loyalty.

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