Turn Insight into Advantage with CuroGens mv360

[February 2017] Motor vehicle manufacturing executives need a lot of data to make the right decisions for their organizations.  Access to accurate and timely information is critical to aligning all parts of the business with common objectives that drive strategic decision.

CuroGens mv360 allows manufacturing companies to empower employees by offering the data they need in a way that is easy to extract. This is the first step in harnessing business intelligence (BI) to stay competitive in today’s global economy.

CuroGens mv360 offers these intelligence tools:

  • The ability to assimilate data from across all dealer networks
  • Cloud-based solution that updates data in real time so it’s always accurate
  • Improves overall ability for accuracy and efficiency of parts orders and deliveries
  • The ability to control inventory costs (no overstocking or understocking)
  • Users can design and create their own customizable, filtered views of data without having to use a programmer to develop them
  • OEMs can identify—or potentially predict—customer service or product issues in a timely manner

Are you ready to learn more about the analytical power of mv360? Download the mv360 Fact Sheet and Solution Brief, and contact us at learnmore@curogens.com for a free solution demo.