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Save costs with cloud on-demand

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The implementation of hybrid cloud systems combines the best features of the public cloud and the private cloud, with double-end security and oriented to customized solutions for your business.

Ideal for cost savings, spending only for what you need on compute, data storage and converged services. The on-premise architecture allows you to gain greater control over your processes, with gradual information transfers, at your own pace and with flexibility.

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Discover how to optimize your business processes in your sector, accompanying you through your Digital Transformation

Guide your journey to digital transformation

Hybrid Cloud Services – Advantages

Converge your workloads

Streamline the development of your workloads and applications, being able to allocate some to the public cloud and others to the private one, based on their level of confidentiality, need for fast access, scalability and data sensitivity.

Multiple use of Big-Data

Separate certain stages of the processing and analysis of your Big Data, allocating your confidential data to the private cloud while generating big data analysis to the public one.

grow at your own pace

Stay open to the growth opportunities that will arise in the future, with enough flexibility and gradualness to make changes quickly and easily. Benefit from interspersing assignments to the public or private cloud, between projects, departments and processes, and evaluating the resulting outcomes and best-case scenarios.

Why Hybrid Cloud Solutions?

Due to its flexibility, the hybrid cloud is an ideal architect, in terms of costs, opportunities and productivity, for companies in the process of growth, with a vision of the future.

Technological resources are an important part of the success of global companies, which is why we work with your directors and IT managers through the transformation of the access and security of your data with expertise and innovation, as Microsoft Partners specialized in Azure IoT.

CuroGens advises you on your personalized Cloud implementation, with the necessary hardware and software infrastructures according to your consumption strategies and expectations.