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Incentivize a remarkable work culture

Create leaders within your company with Learning Academy

From CuroGens, our team of consultants certified in Microsoft technologies and IT systems, offers you ERP and IT courses of the highest quality to increase the skills of your team, thanks to our direct links as a Partner with technology manufacturers.

Specialized and continuous training for you, your employees, directors and managers, with training options from Learning Academy, the specialized division of Curogens, and ad-hoc Training, tailored to the needs and needs of your company. With support in the maintenance and updating of knowledge about your business management systems in use, during your projects and digital transformations

Discover how to optimize your business processes

Discover how to optimize your business processes

Forge the value of your human capital

Ad-hoc IT courses, strengthen your programmers

We train you in the necessary know-how to know how to use and get the most out of the elements, capabilities and functionalities of Dynamics 365 and your IT.

With ad-hoc courses, adjusted to your company and for all levels, we help you work better on your system and provide you with all the key and specific tools to be independent and effective in its use, with ongoing support.

Learning Academy

Our training and corporate training area specialized in solutions for your managers, directors and employees in Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies, effectively and efficiently.

Ad hoc training

Training tailored to the size, measure and level of your organization, thanks to a design of courses by our expert team personalized to your needs and requirements for your staff, with design times, lapses and induction levels.