What’s in a Name? The Meaning Behind ‘CuroGens’

[February 2017] Every company has its own personality, and some of its unique character is derived from its name. CuroGens isn’t just a random, interesting sounding word we came up with when the company was created in 2012. We knew what we wanted this company to be about, regardless of the products, software and technologies we would be creating over the years.

The Latin word, “Curo” means to care for, trouble about, pay attention to, heal and cure.

The Latin word, “Gens” means tribe, people.

So you see, the dictionary definition of CuroGens is helping others, and that’s truly what this company is all about. We identify gaps in the way current business practices are executed and create improvements in order to gain efficiencies. This, in turn, enhances customer satisfaction by saving time, money and freeing up resources to create processes that ultimately earn higher profits.

A great example of this is CuroGens’ mv360 solution. While out in the field with our motor vehicle manufacturing customers, we saw that using multiple systems without real-time communication capabilities were hurting the manufacturers themselves and causing customer service to suffer in their respective dealerships. Mv360 was born from the desire to simplify warranty and claim processes and open lines of communication between the manufacturer and dealer so the customer could be better served.

Our newest solution, CuroGens Learning, represents a complete paradigm shift within the education sector. We firmly believe that education should not be one size fits all—instead, we support nurturing each student, as they will triumph by following their own individualized learning path. This is made possible through better instructor and learner support paired with a unique technology tool for optimum success.

We’re hard at work helping our current customers integrate these solutions and others into their daily business practices, and always keeping our eyes open to new ideas that will further help existing and future clients.

To learn more about CuroGens products, including mv360 or CuroGens Learning, or to request a free product demo, contact us at learnmore@curogens.com.