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A solution for every Digital Transformation need, from ERP to BI and beyond…

Successfully achieving full Digital Transformation is one of the most desired goals in today’s business landscape. Our software solutions, covering every aspect of the Digital Transformation process, lets us help you achieve that goal.

Finding software solutions that can adapt to the needs of your company is not complicated. The difficult part is choosing a trusted partner that provides you with the solution you really need.

More than 100 companies trust CuroGens. Thanks to decades of experience implementing ERP systems, our commitment to promoting sustainable growth, and a global network, we’re ideally positioned to accompany you on your Digital Transformation journey.

What is your business seeking? Reach out and let us know.

Our Solutions

Save time and expenses with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the intelligent ERP solution that unifies your business and optimizes your data management.

Discover the future of cloud solutions with Microsoft Azure. Azure provides secure and flexible management of data, applications, and servers.

Follow your entire product journey from start to finish with our custom Dynamics 365 solution, Shipping Manager. Improve visibility and reduce supply chain costs.

From Business Intelligence to low-code app development, Microsoft Power Platform provides an ecosystem tailored to your Digital Transformation needs.

ADM for Dynamics 365 enables easy organization for documents such as purchase confirmations and product specifications.

AEM facilitates the creation of elegant, customized, and context-appropriate email templates. It supports a wide variety of document types.

APM allows you to save documents as attachments directly in the Dynamics 365 document management system, providing a failsafe against errors.